Sherri is Artie Lester's assistant.


During preparation for Mr. Lester's Halloween party, Sherri decided to highlight the holiday's origins as a harvest festival. He was less than pleased. Before he could further berate and probably fire her, Sam Hain manifested and passed through Sherri. She felt the effects of localized coldness of being passed through and fell to the floor. During the party, Sherri attempted to evacuate the attendees but one one party goer attempted to flirt with her. Luckily, the Ghostbusters crashed onto the scene and questioned her on Artie Lester's immediate location.

Some time later, Sherri attended the opening of a new Fantastic Land in Schenectady only to be taken hostage by the Hungry Manitou. Once she and the others were freed by the Ghostbusters, they followed them to the edge to the park where Winston Zeddemore blasted a hole through the force field with a Proton Grenade.



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