Shillelagh Emanations[1] are ecto-animated entities generated by a blast from the Shillelagh of the Leprechaun.


Upon being released from a mystic circle, a Leprechaun animated a nearby bull figurine into a bull emanation. It charged Mr. Murphy and tossed him up into the air for the Leprechaun to trap. The Leprechaun later created a serpentine emanation to get Mr. O'Toole but the Extreme Ghostbusters smashed it into bits with a falling ceiling light. The Leprechaun then turned a trophy into a boxer emanation to box with Patrick McTavish while he conducted his interrogation. It turned back into a trophy once McTavish was trapped. On St. Patrick's Day, the Leprechaun presented a Death Coach to Mayor McShane and transformed the horse. After invading the St. Patrick's Day parade, he animated a float and set it loose on the crowds. The Ghostbusters fired on it and it melted. Once the Leprechaun was trapped, the horse emanation and Death Coach vanished.

When used on humans, the Shillelagh Emanation manifests as bad luck. Garrett Miller was a recipient of the emanation. But once he took a placebo, believing it to be a cure, Garrett was no longer affected by the blast.


The Shillelagh Emanations are Class 4 Emanations.[2]


  • In the first draft, the boxer emanation was scripted to fight in the "Marquis of Queensbury" style."[3]
  • In the outline, McTavish fought the Cuchullin emanation rather than the generic boxer emanation in the finished episode.[4]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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