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In Show Dog Showdown, Slimer and Fred enter a dog show in an effort to win food, competing against Dweeb and Elizabeth.[1]





Professor Dweeb


Mrs. Stone


Dweeb's Van

Slime Transporter Beam

Ghost Grabber


Canine Club


Slimer and Fred stared into a deli shop and dreamed of lunch. Slimer realized he had no money. As they pondered where they get some money, they walked into a dog statue. It turned out the Canine Club was hosting their Annual Dog Show at 3 pm. Slimer and Fred decided to enter the competition. Slimer flew over to some trash cans by a costume shop and crafted himself a disguise. Fred didn't recognize him at first. As they walked over to the club, Professor Dweeb passed by in his van. The van's instruments picked up on Slimer. Dweeb charged but was stopped by Mrs. Stone. She informed him only those with dogs could come into the club.

Mrs. Stone assigned Slimer and Fred to a stall while Elizabeth got ready in Dweeb's van. Dweeb grew impatient and Elizabeth responded by rolling up the door window on his nose. As Slimer brushed Fred, Dweeb readied his Slime Transporter Beam. Slimer scared some fleas off Fred and they jumped on Dweeb. He misfired his device and trapped a big bulldog instead. The dog pulled Dweeb into the device and attacked him. Rafael and Mrs. Stone started judging the contestants. Dweeb sneaked up a ladder into the rafters with his Ghost Grabber. Elizabeth loaded a toy fire truck with a steak and sent it off. The dogs quickly chased after it and left the building. As a result, they were all disqualified. Luckily, Slimer covered Fred's eyes so he wouldn't see the steak. Slimer then jumped out of the way of the Grabber and landed on Elizabeth, covering her in slime. Dweeb tried to reel up the plunger but fell down and landed right in the human-size cat costume next to the first place trophy. Rafael awarded Slimer and Fred with first place and the prize money while Elizabeth won "cat nip." Elizabeth chased after Dweeb. Slimer and Fred celebrated outside the deli and ate to their heart's content. All the dogs, including Elizabeth, chased after Dweeb. The toy fire truck stopped right at Fred and he ate the steak, too.


Animation Errors


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