The Shuggoth[1] is a corporeal entity that serves the Cult of Cathulhu.


When the Ghostbusters and Alice Derleth attempted to raid Wagner's Occult Shop and stop the Cult of Cathulhu, the cult summoned a Shuggoth. It was easily defeated when Alice cast a spell that turned him into stone and destroyed him.

Based On

Because of its brief appearance and quick defeat, not much is known about the Shuggoth. It does not, however, resemble its namesake in the original works by Lovecraft. But this can be explained as Lovecraft of the RGB universe either choosing to go with a different physical description, or he had simply never actually seen one himself. In general, the Shuggoth are known to be proto-plasmic beings that are amorphous.


  • In various Cthulhu Mythos stories, Shoggoths (sic) are often servitors or captives to powerful cults and entities. As the case in this episode, a Shuggoth is a servitor and captive of the Cult of Cathulhu.


The Real Ghostbusters


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