Not to be confused with the Sinterklaas Ghost

Sinterklaas is a traditional winter holiday figure celebrated in regions of Europe.


The Sinterklaas legend appears to be the marriage of traits taken from the Norse god Odin, Catholic saint Saint Nicholas and various others. Sinterklaas journeys by sea from Spain and visits children all over the world. He leaves gifts for good children and bad children are punished by his associate, Krampus. Over the decades, the Sinterklaas was bastardized by poetry, ad campaigns and children's programming to what became known as Santa Claus.

In reality, Sinterklaas is a Bogeyman believed to be descended from Rodefhiri due to the belief of children in Bogeymen.


Sinterklaas has the appearance of an elderly, serious man with a long beard. He wears a long red cape (chasuble) over a traditional white bishop's alb. He also has a red stola, red mitre, ruby ring, gold crosier, and carries a long ceremonial shepherd staff.

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