Slimed Hero Figure: Winston Zeddmore an action figure which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's Slimed Heroes set, which uses thermochromic paint. Based on The Real Ghostbusters animated series Winston Zeddemore. For most markets, this was the last version of Winston released by Kenner.

The Slimed Heroes group also included Egon, Peter, Ray, and Louis.

This group once again used the classic mold designs and also reused the proton pack designs. This is the first line other than the Classic Heroes to not include a Janine Melnitz in the lineup. This group is noted for have consistency issues with plastic colors.

Jocsa which was a company that re-released Real Ghostbusters toys for Argentina made an exclusive line of Slimed Heroes, which had water squirting from the proton gun to change the color of the ghost instead of the Ghostbuster.

Toy Descriptions

Winston Zeddmore
with Neutrona Blaster and Proton Pack
(also has an teal proton beam)
and mask
and Sucker Ghost

Front of Card Notes

Use Ice Water to "Slime" the Hero!
"Oh no...I've been slimed!"

Back of Card Instruction

1. With mask off figure, insert end of strap into loop on mask. Then slide mask into position on figure's head and pull strap to tighten. Weapon fits on figure's arm and backpack snaps into hole in back.
2. Fill "ghost squirter" with ice water by submerging him in the water, squeezing him and releasing under the water. Once he is filled, squeeze him and squirt the figure with the ice cold water to "slime" him. Take off his mask and see the results.

Series Description

Description from Action Toy Guide 1990 Fall:
"Look out! Those pesky ghosts are sneaking up to slime The Real Ghostbusters heroes. Fill up the companion ghosts with ice water and squirt the heroes - each hero changes color! Squirt the heroes again with warm water, and all the "slime" is gone. Each hero comes with a Nutrona Blaster, protective eyegear and a water-squirting companion ghost."

Variation Information

  • American Line: Teal colored proton beam.
    • Yellowish-Green colored proton beam.
  • Canada Line: Standard version.
  • UK Line: Standard version.
  • French/Dutch Line: Standard version.
  • German Line: Standard version.
  • Italian Line: Standard version.



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