Slimer! the animation series was added to The Real Ghostbusters in Season 4 and was renamed "Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters. It was reformatted in 1988, to give the show a more kid-friendly atmosphere. The show can best be described as a Warner Bros. / MGM style American animation.

In this cartoon series Slimer is the main character. Many of the episodes have little to do with the Ghostbusters franchise and the show was about everyday events for Slimer. Interestingly, he still haunts the Sedgewick Hotel in this show in many episodes as a visiting pest. Slimer was also given some personal enemies (an eccentric scientist named Professor Dweeb who wanted to capture Slimer in order to study him, an alley cat named Manx, a dog named Bruiser, and two ghosts named Goolem and Zugg).

A comic series was produced as well for both the UK and the USA like The Real Ghostbusters.

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  • Slimer (voiced by Frank Welker) is the star of the show and everything centers around his world. He for the most part enjoys a good meal and a fun time.
  • Manx was an orange scruffy alley cat.
  • Luigi was an Italian chef.
  • Rafael was the owner of the restaurant that Luigi worked at.
  • Bud was the bellboy for the Sedgewick Hotel.
  • Fred is a purple, Scottish Terrier dog that was owned by Mrs. Van Huego.
  • Rudy was a self-employed Businessman.
  • Zugg is Goolem's partner.
  • Professor Dweeb (voiced by Jeff Altman) is wanting to get Slimer to study him, and to prove he is more of a scientist than the Ghostbusters.
  • Elizabeth is the poodle that is with, and frequently bites, Professor Dweeb.
  • Mrs. Stone is the tough woman that appears as a security guard, nurse, and lifeguard.
  • Bruiser is a mean dog that is muscular.
  • Sleaze is a ghost that the Ghostbusters caught that later gets free, and Slimer has to get him back.


  • Ecto-1 is the prime vehicle used by the Ghostbusters.
  • Ecto-Junior is the vehicle used by the Junior Ghostbusters.


DVD Releases

The DVD box set, released by Time-Life in 2008, contains all 33 episodes of the Slimer! show.


  • An unused episode called "A Star is Born" starts with Slimer sleeping over at the Junior Ghostbusters' clubhouse. They ask Slimer what his childhood was like. Slimer reminisces back to when he was a ghost at the Sedgewick Hotel before the Ghostbusters went into business. He and the other ghosts had fun and banquets until two evil spirits named Goolem and Zugg moved in. [1] [2]
    • It appears aspects of this episode evolved into "Scareface"
  • An unused episode called "The Bad Seed" involved Rudy and Slimer as gardeners for hire who have to deal with a fern growing out of control before their wealthy benefactor and her big, burly chauffeur returns. [3]
    • It appears aspects of this episode evolved into "Go-pher It!"
  • When the Slimer! segments were used, many characters from those segments are seen in the intro. Bud is seen opening the door for a "hotel guest" that turns out to be a monster and Luigi, Chilly Cooper, and Slimer are seen driving an ice cream truck to escape a pizza creature. Even Professor Dweeb appears in the beginning of the intro (with Elizabeth) trying to blast Slimer.
  • The "Real GB" spinoff also had a NOW Comics version. Some of the stories published included follow up material from the episodes and original pulp for readers.
  • On page 16 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #2, in the bottom right corner are the Ghostbusters as seen in Slimer!


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