Slimer! the animation series was added to The Real Ghostbusters in Season 4 and was renamed "Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters. It was reformatted in 1988, to give the show a more kid-friendly atmosphere.

A comic series was produced as well.

The Slimer! cartoons were centered around Slimer and his adventures with his friends. In this cartoon the ghostbuster act as support cast for a plot. Many characters were introduced for the series including animals and a arch-nemesis for slimer called Professor Dweeb. Many of the shows had nothing to do with the ghostbusters at all. The show also gave a new outlet for the Junior Ghostbusters to show up on.

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  • Slimer (voiced by Frank Welker) is the star of the show and everything centers around his world. He for the most part enjoys a good meal and a fun time.
  • Manx is an orange scruffy alley cat that many times causes Slimer problems.
  • Luigi is the Italian chef.
  • Bud is the bellboy from the Sedgewick Hotel.
  • Fred is a purple dog that is friends with Slimer and Bud.
  • Professor Dweeb (voiced by Jeff Altman) is wanting to get Slimer to study him, and to prove he is more of a scientist than the Ghostbusters.
  • Elizabeth is the poodle that is with Professor Dweeb.
  • Mrs. Stone is the tough woman that appears as a security guard, nurse, and lifeguard.
  • Bruiser is a mean dog that is muscler.
  • Sleaze is a ghost that the ghostbusters caught that later gets free, and Slimer has to get him back.


  • Ecto-1 is the prime vehicle they used by the Ghostbusters.
  • Ecto-Junior is the vehicle used by the Junior Ghostbusters.


DVD Releases

The Box Set which has all 33 episodes of Slimer! show was released through Time-Life.


When the Slimer! segments were used, many characters from those segments are seen in the intro. Bud is seen opening the door for a "hotel guest" that turns out to be a monster and Luigi, Chilly Cooper, and Slimer are seen driving an ice cream truck to escape a pizza creature. Even Dweeb appears in the beginning of the intro with Elizabeth.

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