Slimer! Animated TV Series had 1 active season which was part of "Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters" Hour. The show had a run of 33 episodes. This guide is listed as aired. For DVD Box set listing of Episodes (Which was part of The Real Ghostbusters Season Guide (Box Set) please go to The Real Ghostbusters Box Set Volume 5.

Season 1

Season 1 of Slimer! was on Saturday mornings on ABC and ran during 1988-89.

[Airdates shown on Slimer! episode pages may be incorrect, as they indicate one Slimer! episode per week, whereas the Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters format [during the Slimer! series only active (non-rerun) season] was two Slimer! episodes and one The Real Ghostbusters episode [The Real Ghostbusters episodes would be a mixture of new episodes for that season and re-runs]. Therefore, there should be two Slimer! episodes for the same airdate for most of the episodes. Only 4 of them are paired that way according to the current listing ["Don't Tease the Sleaze" & "Out with Grout" on 3/25/1989 and "Scareface" & "The Dirty Half-Dozen" on 4/1/1989 - these dates may also be incorrect]. Additional reasearch is needed to place the correct airdates with these episodes.]

Season 1 Episodes

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