Slimer! Animated TV Series had 1 active season which was part of "Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters" Hour. The show had a run of 33 episodes. This guide is listed as aired. For DVD Box set listing of Episodes (Which was part of The Real Ghostbusters Season Guide (Box Set) please go to The Real Ghostbusters Box Set Volume 5.

Season 1

Season 1 of Slimer! was on Saturday mornings on ABC and ran during 1988-89.


Key: S=Season(The season it aired in), #=Episode Number(That is from the Box Set), N=Name of Episode, L=Length, AD=Air Date, VD=Voleme and Disc on RGB Box Set, WB=who Wrote the episode

01ASlimer for Hire1501988-10-15October 15, 19885, 3Pat Allee,
Ben Hurst
01BCruisin' for a Bruisin'1501988-10-08October 08, 19885, 3Dennis O'Flaherty
01CNothing to Sneeze At1501988-09-17September 17, 19885, 3Don Dougherty
02AA Mouse in the House1501988-09-24September 24, 19885, 3Len Janson,
Chuck Menville
02BCash or Slime1501988-11-05November 05, 19885, 3Floyd Norman
02CDoctor Dweeb, I Presume1501988-09-10September 10, 19885, 3Tony Marino
03AQuickslimer Messenger Service1501988-10-01October 01, 19885, 3Dennys McCoy,
Pamela Hickey
03CGo-pher It
04ASticky Fingers
04BDon't Tease the Sleaze
05ARoom at the Top
05BTea but not Sympathy
05CSpecial Delivery
06AOut with Grout
06BDr. Strangedog
07ASlimer's Silly Symphony
07BLittle Green Sliming Hood
07CMonkey See, Monkey Don't
08ABeach Blanket Bruiser1501989-01-21January 21, 19895, 4Pat Allee,
Ben Hurst
08BClass Clown
08CDog Days
09AThe Dirty Half-Dozen
09BMovie Madness
10AShow Dog Showdown
10BThe Not-So-Great Outdoors
10CUnidentified Sliming Object
11AUp Close and Too Personal
11BSweet Revenge
12ARainy Day Slimer
12BSlimer & the Beanstalk
12CSpace Case
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