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Slimer was the green ghost that took a joyride with the Ecto-1 with some of his friends. He appeared in the 2016 movie.


Primary Canon

Slimer pigged out at a hot dog cart near West 38th after Rowan North broke the barrier and flooded Manhattan with ghosts. The Ghostbusters were unable to get into Times Square. Several Sabrett Hot Dog Carts blocked their other path. Jillian Holtzmann remarked it looked like her kitchen. There was a green glow coming from the inside the cart on the left. They slowly approached. The lid popped open. Slimer roared and scarfed more hot dogs. They gasped. Abby Yates asked what the hell that thing was. Slimer turned and burped at them. They gasped. It flew towards them. They side stepped him. Slimer flew right into the driver's seat of Ecto-1. Abby and Patty Tolan yelled at him to stop. The engine started and Slimer reversed out. Abby was annoyed at Holtzmann for leaving the keys in the car. Slimer swung Ecto-1 into a parked car. Patty knew her uncle was going to be pissed. Slimer roared and the gas pedal was pushed down. He charged Ecto-1 towards them. Abby ordered everyone to light him up. Holtzmann interjected and revealed the equipment on the roof rack was basically a nuclear reactor. Patty cast her vote that they don't shoot at it. They gasped and jumped out of the way. Ecto-1 barreled past the carts. He rammed a fire hydrant and water geyser erupted. He rammed a light pole next and drove on. The pole crashed down, narrowly avoiding a man running by. Abby realized they gave a ghost a nuke and proposed they should probably run.

Slimer later was seen with Lady Slimer and the Ecto-1 Party Specters as they passed by the Ghostbusters in front of The Mercado building in the Times Square area. Abby was glad someone was having the time of his life. He and his crew were seen again as the Ghostbusters guided the Ecto-1 to go in the portal. Slimer along with his buddies end up going through the portal and the Divide to the World of the Dead. The Ghostbusters blew up the reactors atop the Ecto-1's roof rack to reverse the polarity of the Portal and force all the ghosts back through. Slimer and Lady Slimer were launched into mid-air atop the seat cushion. They exchanged looks, laughed, and fell back down through the Portal.

Secondary Canon

During the ghost retrieval mission in the prime dimension, Slimer 80-C drove a shuttle to the Firehouse and dropped off the Ghostbusters of Dimension 11-W, Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-M, and Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-Q. Slimer 80-C, Slimer 68-R, Slimer 68-E, and Slimer 68-Q, flew upstairs to the second floor and looked at Slimer in the Paranormal Containment Research Tank. Slimer screamed at them. They got scared and hid behind Jenny Moran then kissed Peck at the same time.


Paul Feig and Katie Dippold came up with a backstory that Slimer was a gangster executed for killing a waiter who screwed up his order. Slimer started out as a "more traditional" ghost, but was disfigured when the Ghostbusters were called to the restaurant he was haunting. The equipment was still in the testing phase so the proton streams blew Slimer's legs off and turned him green. He distorted and becomes the Slimer seen in the movie then escapes the scene. The backstory idea was not used.[1][2] Tully Summers did designs for the Old Gangster Ghost on February 24, 2015. Slimer would emerge from it when the ghost was sliced by the Proton Stream.[3] Summers then worked on a sixth version of Slimer on February 25 to 26, 2015. The original design was going to be more alien-like and would have dangling entrails and it ate everything with rows of revolving teeth. Production ultimately scrapped the idea and went with a more classic look.[4]

Paul Feig remembered working with Rick Lazzarini, who worked on Ghostbusters II, and Ronald Binion on a Ford campaign and The Creature Shop was at the top of his list for animatronic work.[5] Feig's people sent over a script. Lazzarini read it, and immediately began brainstorming how to achieve the effects involved. The Character Shop hired a dozen designers, on spec, to help visualize the ghosts from the script, including Slimer. Lazzarini met with Feig and his core crew to go over the designs and renderings.[6] They started talking about how important it was to use practical effects in the movie. After the meeting ended on a positive note, Lazzarini directed his crew to start making 3D mockups. A few weeks later, Lazzarini learned the movie's budget got slashed and there won't be the room for the practical effects and animatronics. The shop stopped working on designs and prototypes. Soon after, it was decided Slimer would be a fully articulated puppet augmented with special effects.[7][8] The stipulation was there was no separate aimatronics budget, there was little time to build it, it was needed quickly, and it was only going to serve as a movement reference for the CG department.[9]

Lazzarini rehired essential crew. They started on a Slimer sculpture, molds were made, cores were made, fabrication began on the suit, and work on animatronic mechanisms for the eyes, brows, tongue, and mouth began. The animatronic functions of the head included three axes of brow movement: upper and lower eye blinks, eyes move side to side, and eyes move up and down, along with the jaw opening and closing, and a tongue that could telescope in and out and have up and down and side to side "tentacle"-type movements.[10] The head was equipped with a helmet custom molded for Ronald Binion. The Slimer puppet and support kit were shipped to Boston. Lazzarini operated the puppet's facial expressions during filming.[11] The VFX teams at Sony Pictures Imageworks and MPC worked on Slimer.[12] Effects added random bits of hair in random places as well as an overabundant amount of slime so that it poured off Slimer's arms.[13]


Secondary Canon

Ghostbuster's Handbook

Slimer was a Class 5 full-roaming vapor.[14]


  • Slimer is loosely based on actor John Belushi, which was close friends with Dan Aykroyd.
  • The original Slimer also was in a Sabrett hot dog stand towards the end of Ghostbusters (1984 movie).
    • Slimer also drove a bus in Ghostbusters II, much like him driving the Ecto-1.
  • On April 11, 2016, Adam Ray announced he was the voice of Slimer.[15]
  • Spotlighted briefly in the iTunes-exclusive featurette "The Return of Slimer," Ronald Binion was the Slimer Puppeteer who wore the suit and Peter Epstein was the stuntman who performed the scenes with Slimer driving.
  • There was some debate about putting Slimer in the trailer or not. Once Paul Feig saw special effects for him, Feig decided it was okay to put him in it.[16]
  • The under skull of the Slimer puppet came equipped with speakers for Ronald Binion to listen with, HD video goggles to monitor what the camera is seeing, and a microphone to communicate with the crew.[17]
  • The Slimer puppet only required two people to operate, the puppeteer wearing it and someone to operate the radio control for the puppet's facial expressions.[18]
  • On the Boston set, the street Slimer backs up Ecto-1 into is Water Street. Slimer guns it through the roadblock and passes Milk Street while hitting some lamp posts. The building on the right of this other shot has a blue awning that reads "Travers Hospital Medical Group, Otavia Health" in the movie and is "Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Atrius Health" in real life.
  • The shot of Slimer and Lady Slimer shooting up into the air out of the Portal is a nod to a scene in "Die Hard 2" when John McClane ejects out a jetliner just before several grenades detonate.[19]
  • Slimer makes a non-canon cameo on Credits Page of Ghostbusters 101 #1.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, on the right bottom is Slimer.
  • On the Cover RI of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Slimer and Abby both grab for the latter's infamous soup order.
  • On the POW Cover of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Slimer appears left of Stay Puft.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #4, Slimer appears.
  • On page 2 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #5, in panel 3, the Slimer of Dimension 80-C has on a hat like Slimer wore at the end of Ghostbusters II.
  • Slimer appears on the Regular Cover and IDW Convention Variant Cover of Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Answer The Call Ghostbusters.
  • Slimer stars in a series of online spots advertising the features of Quickbooks but the puppet from the 2016 movie was utilized.

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