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"I could look for the name 'Zuul' in the usual literature"
"Spates Catalog"
"Tobin's Spirit Guide"

- Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz; Ghostbusters

Spate's Catalog[1] was one of the reference materials used by the Ghostbusters.


Primary Canon History

Just after the founding of the Ghostbusters, the team received a visit from Dana Barrett and heard her story. Ray Stantz mentioned Spates Catalog when suggesting literature from which to research the name Zuul.

Secondary Canon History

T. Watson Spates published an annual periodical, starting in early 1901. It was billed as a compendium of nameless horrors and sensationalized the occult. Spates often chose the most fantastic lore he could find. It found popularity with both students of the occult and those who simply loved reading fiction. It was said to be a favorite of Harry Houdini and H.P. Lovecraft. The periodicals were collected into a compilation titled "Spates Catalog". Spates ended the periodical in 1935 and retired a wealthy man.[2][3]

When Egon Spengler consulted Spates Catalog to cross-reference the readings he took off of Jim Silver, a page suddenly appeared and the text began to fill itself in. It became a complete entry on Idulnas, the entity that was possessing Jim. However, the entry also depicted the deaths of the Ghostbusters. Several weeks later, the Ghostbusters took their copy with them on a flight to Schenectady in order to try and identity the problem at hand. A year and a half later, Ray Stantz and Kylie Griffin used the latest version of Spates Catalog for their research on instances of recurrent child hauntings and supernatural abductions in the last 50 years. Kylie Griffin presented a few selections from Ray's Occult Books to Abby Yates. The Spates Catalog was among them. Abby asked if there was anything on Ley Lines. The books went flying when pressure from a build up of P.K.E. was violently released.



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon


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Primary Canon

Secondary Canon