Special Agent Jim Savage [1] is a FBI agent obsessed with proving the existence of alien life.


Agent Savage was an FBI agent shot in the line of duty. In order to cope with his injury, he became obsessed with aliens. The next year, he heard the Ghostbusters were in Roswell to investigate claims of alien ghosts on behalf of the governor and went on edge all week. Agent Savage attempted to remove the Ghostbusters from Roswell with a federal mandate to investigate the supposed extraterrestrial visitations disrupted the security of the area. Savage quickly got into a heated argument against Egon Spengler over the nature of the entities - if they were paranormal or aliens. Once the Roswell Army Ghosts manifested, Savage was thrilled and tried to make contact. The ghosts attacked him and left him with minor bite wounds.

Jim was put on leave and he was chomping at the bit to get back to work ever since. In the following year, in the summer, Jim and and his partner Special Agent Melanie Ortiz were reunited. In Albuquerque, the two were involved in a shoot out. To further Jim's delight, there were so many forms to fill out for the incident. He noticed Melanie didn't share in his excitement.



IDW Comics


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