Special Agent Santos [1] is the Special Agent In Charge (SAIC) of the FBI's field office in San Juan. [2]


Two days after Special Agent Melanie Ortiz' investigation and capture of the ghost of Esme Torres, she briefed Special Agent Santos at the San Juan field office. He asked if the attacks stopped for good. Melanie confirmed it was over. He then asked about the Ghost Dog mentioned in the spectral incident report. Melanie revealed the manifestation was a guard dog in life and continued as such in death. It warned people of Torres when she manifested in the same area. Santos relayed that he appreciated the help and asked if she was off to the airport. Melanie mentioned the New York branch of the Ghostbusters was still short staffed and she was going to help ease the workload. Santos mused she couldn't say no. Melanie joked she tried but they replied they didn't understand Spanish. Santos laughed and walked her out.


IDW Comics


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