The Specter Detector [1] (also known as Ghost Detector and Ghost Sniffer) was used in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series only twice and was most prominent in the episode "Big Trouble With Little Slimer" when it was used by Ray Stantz.


During filming of the Ghostbusters movie, a pair of Specter Detectors were part of the props collection. It was briefly used by Winston Zeddemore during the investigation at the Micawb Mansion.

During a scheme to get revenge on the Ghostbusters, Walter Peck sent the team on a fabricated bust at the B.U.F.O. research facility in Queens. Egon Spengler immediately detected activity in Testing Lab 5's centrifuge. Ray followed up and confirmed the reading by using the Detector. He registered a Class 5 which revealed itself, the Ogre ghost.


Specifications for the device were later used in The Real Ghostbusters Box Set Volume 2 in the inlay. The specifications can also be found at Spook Central website. The Specter Detector is based on the Ghost Sniffer movie prop.



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