The Spectral Almanac[1] (also known as Gallon's Spectral Almanac and Stott's Spectral Almanac) is an authoritative body dedicated to covering all facts, figures, records, and statistics related to the Spirit World such as hauntings and curses that occur in cycles.[2]


The Spectral Almanac contains in-depth coverage of all major spectral events from 1912 to the present. It is crammed with spirit facts, figures, records, and statistics pertaining to possession, ghosts, portals, hauntings, entities, vortexes, poltergeists, spirits, and demons.

After Special Agent Melanie Ortiz brought up three incidents of Bogeyman-like activity in a relatively short amount of time, Egon Spengler called up Ray Stantz and asked him to cross reference instances of recurrent child hauntings and supernatural abductions in the last 50 years in order to find a discernible pattern. One of the books used for research was the Spectral Almanac. Kylie Griffin noticed a section in the almanac that charts an increase in hauntings by aggressive spirits with Bogeyman-like tendancies. She realized it corresponded almost perfectly with wars, genocides, the coming of Gozer, Vigo, and the three cases. Later, during a meeting, Kylie presented the almanac data and concluded the three cases and a half-dozen other busts were just the "vultures circling before something big happens." Kylie wrote a paper on the pattern of bogeyman-related manifestations and was published by Parapsychological Journal of North America.[3]



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