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Spiderlegs' Henchmen are three ghosts who worked for Spiderlegs.


Spiderlegs' Henchmen entered the Firehouse and tried to get their boss out of the Containment Unit, but almost blew it up. When they saw Slimer stop the Containment Unit from blowing up, they tried to force Slimer to open it. When Slimer refused to comply, they kidnapped him and took him back to their hideout. They held him for ransom in exchange for Spiderlegs' freedom. When the Ghostbusters were ready to comply, they were to request a song on Moon Man's radio show to signal Spiderlegs was free. After researching Spiderlegs in their database, the Ghostbusters realized they could locate Slimer with sound waves by tracing his ectoplasmic frequency in the ultrasonic range.

The Ghostbusters remembered that they required to signal that Spiderlegs was free by having Moon Man play a song. They played the song to get the ghosts to think that Spiderlegs was free but it concealed a recording of ultrasound that only Slimer could hear. Slimer immediately began to react and trashed the hideout. Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore traced Slimer's readings aboard Ecto-2. When the Ghostbusters came barging in, the henchmen tried to hide. Slimer took advantage of their desperation and suggested they hide in the hot tub. When Peter asked where they were, Slimer's manipulation was complete. The henchmen flew out of the super heated tub into the air, spun around, and crashed on the floor. Peter gave Slimer the honor of trapping the henchmen. They were last seen in the Containment Unit, where a very angry Spiderlegs chased after them.


  • The henchmen acted a lot like the title characters of "The Three Stooges."
  • One of the henchmen was named Moose.[1]
  • The henchmen refer to the Containment Unit as "The Cooler," a slang term for prison.[2]


The Real Ghostbusters


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