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Spinners Roller Hop is a drive-in restaurant in Summerville.


One night in summer 2021, Egon Spengler sped past Spinners Roller Hop in a Shandor Mining Company truck with Zuul in hot pursuit after he trapped Vinz Clortho. A couple nights later, while working the evening shift at Spinners Roller Hop, Lucky took an order from an older man wearing a cowboy hat then rolled inside. Callie drove the family to Spinners for dinner. Callie was surprised a roller hop still existed. Trevor was livid they had to spend a summer a heatwave. He whined they had lives back in Chicago. Callie contended she had one too. Trevor countered did not because she was a mom and lived for them. She was amused. Trevor noticed Lucky in the parking lot and followed her inside. Callie understood what he was doing. She turned to Phoebe in the back seat and told her she might make a friend. Phoebe jokingly asked what she would make them out of. Callie implored her to keep an open mind about their new home being an opportunity to start fresh. Lucky told the cooks, Rufus and Zahk, there was an order for two taters and three spinners, all grilled but one with no cheese. Rufus turned around and told her there was something about the meat. Zahk told her he did not feel so good. Rufus pretended to barf raw meat. She was not amused by their antics. Trevor quickly filled out a job application and tried to make small talk with her. Things became awkward. She was about to leave but Trevor presented the application to her. She skimmed it and noticed under experience, he wrote "friendly open smiley face." He admitted he didn't really know what to put. She mused "friendly" did not qualify as experience. Trevor guessed it was a more of a quality. She laughed, slid the application back to him, rolled to the counter to grab a finished order, and asked him how old he was. Trevor told her he was seventeen and asked if she could put in a good word for him. Lucky replied she could tell the bosses he had a pulse. Trevor told her his name as she rolled outside. Rufus and Zahk imitated him. Rufus mocked his "cute" flirting and joked he had a chance. Zahk joked Trevor's moves were great.

A Roller Granny brought Callie her order. She asked Callie where she was headed. Callie informed her she was staying at the farmhouse off the highway with the barn. The granny was surprised the "Dirt Farmer" had a family. Callie asked her if she knew Egon. The granny scoffed and stated no one knew him. Callie mused he would be missed. Granny simply replied with a "Nope," pushed off Callie's car, and rolled away. After Trevor exited the restaurant, another of the teenage workers referred him as Cassanova. All the teenagers giggled. Lucky punched the teen in the arm. Trevor was hired and started work right away.

The next day, Trevor was given inventory duty in the walk-in freezer and he counted meat patties. He began shivering and stuttering as he got to 23. Lucky eventually went to check on Trevor in the freezer. He admitted things were not going good at all and asked if everyone had to do inventory for the frozen meat patties. Lucky assured him everyone did and it was super important. She noticed his lips were literally blue and asked if he was okay. Trevor claimed he was fine. Lucky insisted on lending him her hoodie. She even pointed out it had a wolf on it so it was really masculine. Trevor accepted it and she helped put it on him. He was kind of surprised it fit. Lucky joked it was her boyfriend's and Trevor quickly removed it. She told him to get back to inventory. The next day at Spinners, Trevor crouched down and lifted up a black mat with gloves on. Lucky crouched down near the doorway and commented on how dirty it was. Trevor asked if any of it had been cleaned before. Lucky told him she never did then informed him a bunch of them were heading up the mountain at the Shandor Mining Company. He stood up. She asked if he was coming. Trevor hopped into the back of a Ford Ranchero. The teenagers took off. The next day, during the pursuit of Muncher, Phoebe accidentally shot up the exterior vanity sign with Ecto-1's gunner seat Proton Pack after Trevor swerved to avoid a head-on collision. Muncher got free of the Proton Stream and flew through Spinners on its way out of the town.

The next day, a meeting was held inside Spinners. Podcast, Phoebe, Trevor, and Lucky occupied one of the booths. Gary Grooberson's seismic map was unrolled over the table. Trevor and Lucky sat on one side while Podcast and Phoebe sat on the other. Reseda and Swayze sat in the other booth behind Phoebe and Podcast. Trevor asked what exactly was happening with the map. Phoebe quizzed him about the concentric circles around the mountain on the map. Trevor had no idea what they were. Phoebe went with a simpler question and asked if he saw the circles. He nodded. Phoebe stated something was happening inside the old mine owned by the Shandor Mining Company. Trevor thought that was pretty obvious. Podcast revealed he did some digging on the word Trevor heard in the mountain, "Gozer." Trevor questioned what he meant by "digging." Podcast, annoyed, looked at Phoebe. Phoebe explained Gozer was a Sumerian god who once walked amongst the living. Podcast added it was a "soul-eating, flame-dripping deity of evil" and he speculated it wanted to return. Lucky was surprised of all places, it was coming to Summerville. Swayze turned towards their booth and listened intently. Podcast admitted he would have picked Orlando. Phoebe asked Lucky what the name "Ivo Shandor" meant to the town. Lucky revealed he built Summerville, the mine, the foundry, the school, and the library, hence his name was on everything. Trevor found that last bit tacky. Phoebe continued and talked about how Shandor created an apartment building in New York City made out of selenium girders, mined from Summerville and it was same rooftop of that apartment where their grandfather fought to keep a horde of ghosts from entering the physical plane. Trevor got to the point and asked her what exactly was happening. Phoebe hinted there was only one way to find out. They left for the old mine.

Later in the day, another earthquake was triggered and patrons held the objects on their tables down as a server rolled over to a table. A short time later, in Spinners, a waitress poured coffee for a patron at the bar. The patron was a Miner Ghost. Outside, a Flaming Phantasm chased after people and a fire truck. She realized the patron was not a person. The Miner Ghost turned his head at her.

Known Employees


  • Cold Drinks
    • Fountain Sodas
      • Small $1.20
      • Medium $1.70
      • Large $2.00
    • Classic Bottled Soda
      • Coca Cola $2.70
      • Diet Coke $2.70
      • Sprite $2.70
  • Other Cold Drinks
    • Unsweetened Ice Tea $2.00
    • Sweetened Ice Tea $2.00
    • Lemonade $2.00
    • Refills +.75
    • Milk/Chocolate Milk $1.50
    • Bottled Water $2.25
  • Hot Drinks
    • Coffee (Regular, Decaf) $1.50
    • Tea $1.50
  • Ice Cream Floats
    • Choose Any One of Our Fountain Sodas...And pair it with any 2 scoops of our featured ice creams.
  • Milk Shakes
    • Shake Flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Marble, Cheesecake, Bubble Gum, Cookies 'n Cream, Rum, Cookie Dough, Banana, Caramel, Cinnamon, Mint Chocolate, Almond, Amaretto & Season Flavors $5.50
  • Real Flavor Shake
    • Strawberry Banana $6.50
    • Add Second Flavor +.75
    • Chocolate Malt $3.50
  • Starters & Snacks
    • Fried Pickles $5.50
    • Fried Mushrooms $4.50
    • Chili Cheese Fries $6.00
    • Chicken Fingers $4.75
    • Fish Sticks $4.95
    • Fries $5.00
  • Our Delicious Hot Dogs
    • All The Fixings $5.00
    • Cheese Dog $5.25
    • Chili Cheese Dog $5.50
    • Veggie Dog $5.00
    • Italian $5.50
  • Ice Cream
    • Strawberry Sunday $5.50
    • Hot Fudge Sunday $5.00
    • Banana Split $6.50
    • The Grand Banana Split $6.50
  • Burgers
    • Hamburger $5.50
      • With Side $8.50
    • Cheeseburger $6.00
      • With Side $9.00
    • Bacon Cheeseburger $6.25
      • With Side $9.75
    • Double Bacon Cheeseburger $7.50
      • With Side $10.75
    • Little Hamburger $4.00
      • With Side $6.00
    • Veggie Burger $5.50
      • With Side $9.00
    • Chicken Burger $6.00
      • With Side $10.00
    • All Burgers Come With Your Topping Choice: Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomato, Onion, Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Mayo
    • Add Cheese +.50
    • Add Bacon $1.00
    • Add Extra Pattie $1.25
    • Side Pickle +.25
  • Single Scoop Cone $2.50
  • Double Scoop Cone $3.50
    • Our Signature Flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Marble, Cheesecake, Bubble Gum, Cookies 'n Cream, Rum, Cookie Dough, & Season Flavors
    • Dipped +.50


Principal Photography

On August 13, 2019, it was reporting filming was also being done in the Village of Beiseker.[1]

On August 27, 2019, in Beiseker, there were 3 buildings dressed for Summerville and the Spinners Roller Hop but it appearing filming was done since no crew members were present.[2]

On August 30, 2019, it was reported sets were being dismantled by the crew.[3] It was also reported the sets in Beiseker were being torn down the other day, including the Spinners Roller Hop.[4]


  • Spinners Roller Hop was a set built at at First Avenue and Sixth Street in Beiseker, Alberta at the former Apple Pie Diner and Gas Station.[5]
  • "Baby It's You" plays in the scene where the family goes to the Spinners and Trevor sees Lucky for the first time.
  • "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)" plays when Trevor is filling out the job application.
  • The job application prop bears the address, phone number, and fax number of Spinners. The area code is flipped from 580 to 508 and the zip code is fake. The prop art can be seen at the 5:45 mark of the February 2, 2022 episode of Tested.
    • 1205 Main Street, Summerville, Oklahoma 19031
    • Phone Number: (508) 555-0155
    • Fax Number: (508) 555-0167
  • Near Lucky is standing near a soda fountain advertising Coca-Cola, a product also advertised in the first movie.
  • "Wait a Minute Girl" plays when the camera zooms in on the Spinners sign and before we see Trevor in the freezer.
  • "Can You Get To That" plays starting when Trevor examines the dirty mat to when Lucky and friends take Trevor to the mountain, enters the mining property in trucks, and ascends the hill to the mine elevator.
  • The scene of Trevor joining Lucky and her friends after work was longer and was akin to a "Boogie Nights" one take shot.[6]
  • A brief two second snippet of "On the Road Again" can be heard as Muncher flies through Spinners Roller Hop.
  • As the other teenagers look over Phoebe, Podcast, Trevor, and Lucky's booth as they discuss the map, it mirrors when the Ghostbusters' cellmates started to get interested in their conversation about 550 Central Park West and Gozer in the first movie, Chapter 22: Holding Cell.
  • Arjen Tuiten mechanized an old legless skeleton in the shop, Tanner White mechanized the hands, and Bill Sturgeon did the eyes. Tuiten used old foam latex leftover from work on the Terror Dog and sculpted a face. The Miner Ghost was the first practical ghost Tuiten and his team filmed on the set. Three puppeteers operated the Miner Ghost, Tuiten, Ron Binion, and Richard Landon. Landon puppeteered the eyes off-camera with a remote control. Tuiten cable controlled the facial expressions underneath the counter. Binion operated the arms and hands. Initially, the Miner used his left arm. On the morning of rehearsal, Jason Reitman decided it would be the right arm instead. Filming only took one day.[7][8][9][10][11]
  • The shot of Ecto-1 turning at Spinners on the way back to the Farmhouse is a callback to the cold open when Egon turns at Spinners in the truck.




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