Spirit Lock is an ability employed by ghosts to stay hidden in the Stylized versions of the video game.

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Psychokinetic Locks and Keys
  • Abilities: None

Tobin's Summary

Due to the elusive nature of ghosts, it's no wonder they've developed a fairly effective way of barring passage to places they don't want humans to tread. I've discussed a simpler case involving psychokinetic door manipulation, but a more advanced case involves a ritual of sorts. The barrier in question is given Spirit "Locks," and each ghost involved in the ritual is imbued with a "key." These spirits usually flee the area, entrusted with the door's sole means of opening. If any of these spirits is disrupted, then its lock will dissolve from the door. I've seen some cases where the key masters will flee the country, requiring an intrepid hunter to scour the globe to access whatever might lie behind the spirit seal.

Egon's Notes:

The complexity of the ritual notwithstanding, this phenomenon is a fascinating example of remote sympathetic psychokinetic pair bonding. The fact that each entity involved is responsible for a fragment of the barrier implies some degree of distributive wavelength chaining such that when all of them are disrupted the harmonic pattern of the barrier collapses in on itself.

Ray's Tips:

Ghosts protecting or guarding an area to keep the living out is one of the oldest tricks in the book, rookie. To bust a Spirit Lock, just capture each ghost (there may be several!) that has one of the Spirit Keys. There will always be one Spirit Lock on a door for each Spirit Key you need to grab from nearby ghosts.

Supplemental Data

The art page can be found in Times Square, during the "Top Floor: Hauntings, Demons..." section. It is hidden in a molten-looking marshmallow pile in the encounter after opening the generator-looked gate.


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