The Spooks Away Facility is the high-security headquarters of Spooks Away in the Upper West Side.[1]


The Ghostbusters came up with a plan to get Slimer back by planting Ray Stantz as an inside man since Saul Pendleton previously tried to poach him. Ray took up Saul on his offer and was welcomed to the team. At the facility, Ray was given a new uniform and all the jelly doughnuts he wanted. Saul took him on a quick tour before outfitting him with equipment. The other Ghostbusters listened in over comms. Just as Saul asked Ray if he wanted a proton-disruptor or an entrapment grenade, Brad came through with a Class 8 Pandimensional Hellspawner. Ray remarked they would need a super-powerful containment unit to hold it. Saul was amused and showed him where they stored the captured entities, the Prediction Engine. After the Hellspawner was added, a new glimpse into the future was generated on the screen. It was 24 hours later of Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore blasting a Penguin Ghost at the Bronx Zoo. Ray realized that was how Spooks Away was poaching their jobs before they could show up. Egon Spengler found out Saul came from a long line of necromancers who used ghosts to predict future events. Peter deduced the Prediction Engine was built to perfect the process. To Ray's surprise, the engine was also used to spy on Egon in the future and steal his designs. Egon asked Ray if he could disrupt the machine. Ray slipped a doughnut in it. The control matrix was gummed up and the engine went critical. The entities were combined into one Mega-Entity. Ray and the Spooks Away evacuated the building. The Mega-Entity burst out of the building.



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