The Spooky Chicago Tour Guide [1] is a tourist guidebook about the famous haunts of Chicago.


Dani Shpak wanted to brand herself among the Chicago Ghostbusters. She noticed a copy of "Spooky Chicago Tour Guide" in a clearance bin at Book Land. Dani decided to be the "team researcher" and used the guide as a prop. [2] While working a case at The Trask Hotel, Dani recalled reading about the Woman in Blue in a paragraph and half about the Trask when the manager asked if they heard about her. [3] Dani found it in the guide and recited she was killed on the tenth floor in the 1920s and haunted the Trask Hotel ever since. Rookie mistook it as an actual spectral reference book but Dani came clean about it.


  • The guide is alluded to in Dani's bio on the 28th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on May 24, 2018. [4]


IDW Comics


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