The St. Augustine Lighthouse is a famous lighthouse, museum, and landmark located on the north end of Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, Florida.


The St. Augustine Lighthouse had a known history of benign hauntings. For years, spectral activity was noted and filed so much that it was commonplace. "Ghost walks" became a popular tourist attraction. The repeat manifestations consisted of disembodied voices and curious Class 3 ghosts. On roughly August 10, they stopped manifesting and one local reporting hearing a "gator belch" (or alligator vocalization). Soon, Ghost Alligators manifested 'swimming' around the upper most tip of the lighthouse tower like it was a tree in a bog. On August 24, three tourists from Kentucky sustained minor injuries when the Ghost Alligators attacked them. They received minor contusions and shallow cuts while they fled but their service dog was consumed by the Ghost Alligators. FBI Special Agent Tanaka took the tourists' statements and filed a report. The FBI Field Office in Jacksonville put in an official investigation request on August 25 out of concern for the safety of the general public.

On August 29, the lighthouse was investigated by Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, Peter Venkman, and Kylie Griffin. They brought two Proton Packs, the Boson Pack, a Trap, two Proton Grenades, and a liter of positively-charged Psychomagnotheric Slime with them. A P.K.E. reading of 00023.7 on the high spectrum was detected. It was determined the Ghost Alligators were hostile towards animals but in regard to humans, the entities only drove them away when they came within 20 yards of the lighthouse. The Ghost Alligators only resorted to swooping down and biting at them. The Ghostbusters' initial confrontation did not go well. Minimal damage was done to the lighthouse, there was minor charring to outer walls from additional application of the Proton Streams and two trees were damaged (one was deemed salvageable and one was damaged to the point of death). Fire damage was done to one half acre of the grounds. The Fire Department was called to the scene. The Ghostbusters consulted with Ray Stantz over the phone and they were led to the nearby St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. A cursed statue was discovered on the property. After the statue was neutralized in positively-charged Psychomagnotheric Slime, they were able to trap the Ghost Alligators. P.K.E. levels stabilized and the benign resident ghosts returned to their standard manifestations. Melanie Ortiz put in a recommendation for regular follow-ups to the zoological park over the next year to make sure the spectral threat doesn't reestablish itself.


  • The disembodied voices mentioned are usually debunked as horns, seagulls or the wind.


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