Staff Sergeant Adams [1] is a former U.S. Marine Corps drill instructor who trained Winston Zeddemore.


Staff Sergeant Adams was an ill-tempered Marine drill instructor assigned to train raw recruits on Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. While training Winston, Adams always warned him and the other recruits about losing one's temper in a fight. Years later, he remained a full-tilt fighter in death. As a ghost, Adams didn't like the idea of there being Ghostbusters and decided to remove the threat on his own terms, starting with the one he knew, Winston. Adams used the Ghost Kid as bait and drew the guys to the boy's manifestation point in Brooklyn. Adams dispersed the Ghost Kid as the Ghostbusters tracked his signal.

Winston charged to the front door and Adams separated him from the others by erecting a P.K.E. barrier around the house. He also made sure Winston had no communication with the outside world and shorted out his Radio. He then manipulated Winston into racing towards a bedroom door on the second floor. Adams generated a psychic reconstruction of Parris Island and attacked Winston. Winston took a page out of Peter Venkman's book and exploited Adams' temper, challenging Adams to face him like a man. He obliged Winston and proceeded to beat him up hand-to-hand in close quarters combat. Winston employed his Trap and easily captured Adams. The Parris Island manifestation reverted to the bedroom and the P.K.E. barrier dissipated.


Staff Sergeant Adams gets very angry when he is not properly addressed or has his manhood questioned.


When Winston starts to think of a plan against Adams, he reminds himself Adams is a Class 4. [2] Egon Spengler remarked he emitted a powerful signal. [3]


Staff Sergeant Adams displayed the ability to extend his arm over a long distance, disperse a lesser entity, generate a P.K.E. barrier, generate a psychic reconstruction, emit a P.K.E. blast from his mouth, and to resist a single Proton Stream.


  • Staff Sergeant Adams' medals are:
    • Rifle Expert medal
    • Legion of Merit
    • Meritorious Service Medal
    • NATO Medal
    • Air Medal
    • Distinguished Flying Cross
    • Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (Four gold stars)
    • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (Three gold stars)
    • Navy & Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon (Two gold stars)
    • Navy Cross (Two gold stars)
    • Marine Security Guard Ribbon
  • Staff Sergeant named after another Marine Drill Instructor turned actor [4]


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