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The Star Patrol Crew[2] were fictional television characters that manifested as ghosts when several other ghosts formed a pirate TV station. Their ship also was present.


The Star Patrol appears to be Science Fiction characters and manifested in the WBOO tower while the Ghostbusters were exploring it. Winston Zeddemore encountered the ship and the three crew members. They moved their focus to Winston, who then opened fire on them.

Captain Jim

After Doctor Bones confirmed everyone was dead, Jim deferred to Mister Spook on what to do next.[3]

Doctor Bones

Doctor Bones used a medical tricorder to confirm he, Jim, and Spook were dead.

Mister Spook

At Jim's request, Spook made an informed decision. They screamed, changed into frightening forms, and lunged at Winston.[4]

Star Patrol Ship

After the ship transported Jim, Bones, and Spook outside, it turned into a giant bird and flew away.


  • The crew appear to be spoofs of Star Trek shows characters: Captain Kirk (Captain Jim), Doctor McCoy (Doctor Bones), and Mister Spock (Mister Spook). The Enterprise ship was also spoofed.
  • "Bones" was the nickname Captain James Kirk often addressed Doctor McCoy with.
  • The "We're dead, Jim!" line is a play on Doctor McCoy's signature catchphrase "He's dead, Jim!", used numerous times during the series and has become an iconic quote associated with the property.
  • The ship turning into a giant bird is a reference to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, who has been nicknamed "The Great Bird of the Galaxy".


The Real Ghostbusters


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