Stay Puft was in Ghostbusters game for Sega Mega Drive, which was set after the first movie. This Stay Puft is not connected to Gozer, and instead seems to be a ghost that took the form.[1] This Stay Puft was a lieutenant to the evil goddess Janna. The Stay Puft was the holder of a piece of stone tablet, which was the key to Janna's realm. This Stay Puft was fought and destroyed by the team of three Ghostbusters during their case in a high-rise building.

While the Ghostbusters fight their way toward the rooftop to confront him, Stay Puft could be seen leering at them through windows and occasionally punch through walls in an attempt to crush them before they reach him. When they finally reached him, the true battle started. This Stay Puft had three attacks. Most common was elastic limbs that try to smash the player with his fists. When his eyes flash yellow, a trio of spiraling fireballs would appear from his mouth to chase the player. Finally, Stay Puft would fire a pair of blue lasers from his eyes. Like with the fireblls, the player would get a brief warning when he was about to use this attack by his eyes flashing blue just before he fires. Stay Puft would also take a morbid delight in seeing the Ghostbusters get injured or killed by flashing a quick sneer on his face. However, after taking a lot of damage, this giant ghost was destroyed and the stone tablet was in Ghostbusters' possession.


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