Steve Rifkin[1][2] was a petty thief that stole a bag of runes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Steve Rifkin broke into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and attempted to pick a display case. When he heard the security guards, Rifkin bumped into a statue of Kahlil. Upon grabbing the staff in anger, a bag of runes was ejected from a secret compartment in the statue. When the guard, Bobby, touched one of the runes, the Messenger of Kahlil arrived and took him to Kahlil's Dimension. While the other guard was left stunned, Rifkin fled the scene.

Rifkin then tried to pawn the runes downtown at Bruno's Pawn Shop. Bruno the Pawn Broker offered $10 for the runes and was sent to Kahlil, too. Realizing the power he'd acquired, Rifkin then sent Mr. Hammer, a man he owed money to, and his two henchmen. The next day, while he was reading the newspaper, the newspaper vendor refused to turn down the volume of his radio so Rifkin tipped him with a rune.

After procuring a VHS tape of the museum's perimeter security camera, Egon and Roland managed to identify Rifkin after shaking down some residents downtown. Egon then convinced Janine to hack the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database and secure Rifkin's address. The Ghostbusters were sent there but had to engage in a foot chase. Eduardo and Kylie chased him into the IRT subway while Roland and Garrett returned to Ecto-1. Eventually, Garrett tripped up Rifkin with a broom but Eduardo was taken to Kahlil. The Ghostbusters tied up Rifkin in the Firehouse and used the last and 13th rune to capture Kahlil's messenger and enter his dimension. Rifkin's final fate is unknown, if he was left to the mercy of his victims and/or turned over to the police.

Some time later, Rifkin was in Battery Park when a demonized bus went on a rampage through it. Rifkin fled along with all the other civilians present.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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