The Stone Angels (also known as Stone Cherubs) are ghostly beings met in Central Park's Cult Cemetery. A very fast way of getting rid of them is staying near the gate and dodging their attacks, which will destroy the angels without the Rookie doing much.

Realistic Version Information

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class V Minor Kinetic Animator
  • Type: Corporeal (dispersible)


Weaker entities possibly related to those at the heart of each Stone Gargoyle, these Kinetic Animators make up for their individual weakness by attacking in greater numbers.

Contact Protocol:

Stone Angels are anything but heavenly. When they attack, they usually hover just out of reach and then immediately swoop down to inflict some damage. Either blast them with your Boson Dart as they swoop down, or rush out of the way to dodge their attack. To destroy them, either use the Slime Tether to slingshot them into a hard substance like a wall or the ground, or use your Capture Stream to slam them into the ground and bust them up.

Manifestation Point:

  • Central Park Cemetery

Stylized Version Information

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class 6 Pyrokinetic Animation Event
  • Abilities: Accursed Beam, Stoneskin

Tobin's Summary:

More powerful spectral manifestations have the ability not only to levitate objects, but to imbue them with a temporary sense of life. This is usually done to effigies and statues with discernible body parts, but more exotic variants have occurred based on the proclivities of the animator. These creatures are usually easy to disrupt and are only a serious threat in large quantities.

Egon's Notes:

As with other paranormal forms that mimic living counterparts, I wonder what drives the animated angel statues to actually flap their useless stone wings. Psychokinetic energy is enough to keep them aloft and they could probably exert the ectoplasm and energy toward more useful and efficient goals.

Ray's Tips:

There's nothing heavenly about these. The Boson Dart would usually be your best bet against stone-skinned creatures, but you'll need great aim to get these that way. Use whatever you are most accurate with.

Supplemental Data

The art page can be found in the Central Park Cemetery, during the "No Rest..." section. It is hidden in a torch in the room with the rolling ball.



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