Stonehenge is a mysterious circle of large standing stones located in the English county of Wiltshire dating back to prehistoric times.


Once the Ghostbusters were dealt with, Koza'Rai initiated a plan of his turn Earth into the Netherworld. To achieve this, he had Stonehenge transported stone by massive stone from England to be reassembled in New York's Central Park, infused with a myriad of demonic energies. Once aligned in the proper configuration, Koza'Rai could generate a Devil's Shoe Horn and banish every living being to the Netherworld while bringing forth every demon and ghost to Earth. With the eldritch energy released only moments away from achieving critical mass, Peter Venkman and Rachel Unglighter toppled Stonehenge. Luckily, the reconfiguration of the stones had a reverse polarizing effect on the vortex and all demons and ghosts were pulled into the Netherworld. With the planet saved from another apocalypse, the people cheered for the Ghostbusters, while Egon Spengler wondered aloud if he could take the stones back to the Firehouse for analysis.


  • While it is generally suggested that the events happened in Central Park, the location is debatable.
    • The first image that shows the reconstructed Stonehenge is suggest to be somewhere close to the Southeast corner of Central Park.[1]
    • The conclusion suggests that the part of Central Park with Stonehenge is in the Sleepy Meadow Park area which is East of 55 Central Park West. [2]


IDW Comics


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