The Streamlight E-Spot Firebox Flashlight Lantern[1] is a flashlight Patty used when she went in the dark tunnels at her previous job as a MTA employee in the 2016 movie.


After Patty looked up at the surveillance camera footage and saw Rowan North going down to the tracks in the Seward Street Subway Station, she reached for the red Streamlight E-Spot Firebox Flashlight Lantern behind her in the MTA booth. Patty looked around for Rowan but came across a Hyper-Ionization Device then saw another person. She shined her light on him and told him he was in a restricted area. She realized it was not a person. It was the Electrocuted Ghost. Patty saw enough. She dropped the flashlight and ran away. Patty used it again when she returned with Abby Yates, Jillian Holtzmann, and Erin Gilbert. After Holtzmann sighted the ghost, Abby asked Patty to put some illumination on it. Patty complied and shined her flashlight on the ghost. Erin commented it looked more unsettling.


  • As the name suggests, the Streamlight E-Spot Firebox Flashlight Lantern is a real life product.


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