The Sub Dweller City is a settlement located somewhere beneath the Times Square area and is adjacent to an abandoned subway line and transformer terminal for the subway system.


At an unspecified time, a group of people named themselves the Sub Dwellers and relocated underground. They found an isolated section of space near an old subway track and built a modest settlement with some basic amenities such as television. Persefineathious brought the Extreme Ghostbusters to the settlement in order to capture the Energy and Lightning Demons and exonerate her father of the blame for city-wide power outages. One of the elders didn't take too kindly to her plan and ordered them to leave. Persefineathious later returned with Garrett Miller to the settlement to warn them about police ordered to arrest them all. Luckily, the demons were in the same area and scared the police away. They ascended up a ladder to Times Square.


Extreme Ghostbusters



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