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Summerville[1] is a small town in Oklahoma[2] that Callie and her two kids moved to after they were evicted in Chicago, Illinois.


Summerville's history began as a mining operation by the Shandor Mining Company in 1927. They extracted raw selenium.[3] The town of Summerville near the mine was founded a year later in 1928.[4] Ivo Shandor built Summerville, including the mine, the foundry, the school, and the library.[5] As a result, his name was on everything. In the 1940s, several miners committed mass suicide and jumped down the mine shaft to their deaths. The mining operation was closed down and the incident was referred to as "The Shandorian Curse." Summerville was nowhere near a tectonic plate, never had any underground volcanic activity, was near no fault lines, and never took part in any frakking.[6] At some point between the 1990s and 2000s, Egon Spengler moved to Summerville. Janine Melnitz would visit every so often and helped to care of him and his bills. Oil and gas companies pumped millions of gallons of salinated water deep into the Arbuckle Formation.[7] Between 2010 and 2016, Summerville experienced a thousand earthquakes.[8] At some point, Egon set up four Proton Cannons controlled by a modified P.K.E. Meter set to Cross the Streams into a sacrificial death pit in the old Shandor mine to prevent another interdimensional cross-rip from taking place and stop the next coming of Gozer. By summer 2021, Summerville was having earthquakes on daily basis because of the Proton Cannons.[9] Seismologist Gary Grooberson went to Summerville to study the unusual activity. Despite conventional methods like setting up geophones, Gary was unable to triangulate the source of the earthquakes.[10] One night, amid Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence in the sky, Egon trapped Vinz Clortho at the Shandor mine and drove through town back to the Farmhouse but he was attacked by Zuul on the way. He passed away in his home. Callie was notified about Egon's death by Janine.

Callie initially mislead her children Trevor and Phoebe and told them their trip to Summerville was only going to take a week while they picked through what Egon left behind. In reality, they were moving to Summerville permanently. Phoebe looked around as Callie drove through Summerville. Callie proclaimed it was where their grandfather lived. Phoebe added it was where he died, too. Trevor was annoyed his phone was not catching even a bar. Callie stated there better be a bar. Phoebe scoffed at her word play. Upon arriving at the Farmhouse, there was an earthquake and Callie came clean about moving to Summerville. They met Janine and learned there was no monetary inheritance but a substantial amount of debt. That evening, they went to Spinners Roller Hop for dinner. The next day, on the drive into town, Phoebe played with a Rubik's cube in the back seat. Callie advised her not be afraid to start a conversation at school. Trevor reacted in disagreement. He thought that was horrible advice and she was literally setting her up for failure. To prove his point, Trevor asked Phoebe how her were jokes coming along. Phoebe told them one: "Why should you never trust atoms? Because they make up everything." Trevor turned back to Callie. She claimed it was funny. Trevor declared it was not and asked to be dropped off across the street from Spinners. Callie walked Phoebe to Summerville Middle School but noticed something was wrong and inquired. Phoebe clarified she loved learning, not school and summer school was a state sponsored work camp for delinquents. Callie offered her an alternative: help scrape asbestos out of the attic. Phoebe decided to take her chances with public education. Callie took her sunglasses off, stopped at the entrance, and advised Phoebe not to be yourself. She met Gary Grooberson, the teacher, and went to Wertheimer's Hardware to pick up paint supplies.

After school, Phoebe walked through town with her new friend Podcast. He readied his boom mike and instructed Phoebe to introduce herself and tell him what she ate for breakfast. Phoebe said her name and "toast." Podcast asked for a little more like a joke or something. Phoebe asked him, "What do you call a dead polar bear?" Podcast had no idea. Phoebe replied, "Anything you want. He can't hear you now." Podcast laughed and took his headphones off then commented that joke was funny and she was funny. Phoebe smiled and agreed it was a pretty hilarious joke. Podcast started telling her "fun facts" about the town and told her Summerville had more dead residents than living ones. Phoebe told him that was how cemeteries worked. He pointed out Wertheimer's Hardware and stated it was run by the Illuminati, which was composed of Lizard people. Phoebe inquired further. Podcast gave her Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, and Beyonce as some examples then implied the Lizard people built the pyramids. Phoebe guessed it was the slaves. Podcast pointed out the Napier Theater was haunted. Phoebe admitted she did not believe in ghosts. Podcast stopped and turned around in dismay. He asked how she could not believe with all the evidence out there. Phoebe shared her belief that people were just meat puppets. Podcast thought of something she should see and ran off to grab his scooter. They walked to the Shandor Mining Company property. Podcast told her about the mining operation that bore into a mountain like grapefruit and smelted everything into cold riveted selenium girders. Phoebe wondered how they made a steel beam out of an electric conductor like selenium. Podcast found it weird, too, then continued with his story about how the mine was forced to close down.

Podcast and Phoebe walked along the road to the Farmhouse. She asked him what his podcast was about. Podcast told her it was mostly about mysteries, the unknown, conspiracy theories, and the occasional restaurant review. Phoebe mused she would check it out sometime. Podcast perked up and handed her a My Little Pony flash drive containing his episodes. He believed the show really found its voice in episode 46. He tried to act cool and asked her to be his lab partner. Phoebe suspected they were not going to do any labs but agreed to be his partner. He smiled. Phoebe pointed out she was home. Podcast was surprised she lived at the "Dirt Farmer's" house. Phoebe confirmed that was her grandfather. He seemed concerned and pulled out his camera phone. Phoebe asked him if he was recording her. Podcast informed her he was doing just in case her body was pulled apart into tiny pieces by an unseen dark force. Phoebe was undaunted and told him bye.

The next day, Gary, Phoebe, and Trevor unwittingly released Vinz Clortho from the Trap she found. Vinz roared then flew towards the Shandor Mining Company property. Gary drove Phoebe and Podcast to the Farmhouse. Gary looked around the Farmhouse and noticed an ancient looking map written in some kind of cuneiform. He realized it was a map of Summerville even though it was written in a language from thousands of years ago and the town was less than 100 years old. The next day, Phoebe and Podcast chose the Summerville Foundry for the site of their equipment test but they encountered a ghost named Muncher. They were unable to trap him and he flew to the town. Podcast and Phoebe loaded their red wagon with the gear and walked down the dirt road. Trevor happened to encounter them during his first drive with Ecto-1. Phoebe introduced Podcast. Trevor was surprised she had a friend. Phoebe was surprised he had a car. Trevor clarified it was a Cadillac. Podcast stated they needed a ride and asked if he knew how to drive. Phoebe quickly answered he failed his driver's test three times. Trevor told them to get in the back. On the drive to town, Trevor asked them what was going on. Phoebe mentioned the Manhattan Crossrip of 1984 but Trevor claimed he already heard of the Manhattan ghost stories. Phoebe stated the stories were real. Podcast elaborated it meant the Ghostbusters were real, they really saved the world, fought back an invading army of the undead and 100 foot Marshmallow Man. Phoebe believed their grandfather was Egon Spengler, one of the Ghostbusters. The police CB radio picked up a dispatcher telling all units there were reports coming in of some kind of animal taking a bite out of Steve Fletcher's truck.

In Summerville, Trevor asked what they were looking for. Podcast stated they were searching for evidence. Trevor took a left, past a stop sign with the "S" missing. Podcast and Phoebe leaned towards the front. They drove past an alley where some trash cans have been munched on, too. There was blue ectoplasm left behind on them. Trevor was starting to lose patience and asked them if what they saw was really a raccoon or a possum. Phoebe saw Muncher eating a fire hydrant. Trevor braked to a stop and was shocked to see a ghost then asked what they should do. Podcast told him it was a Free floating metal muncher and definitely a Class 5. Podcast wanted to get him but thought of taking a photograph first. Podcast tried to get a good position and stopped on a lever that inadvertently triggered the gunner seat that Phoebe was sitting on. She and the seat was moved outside the car. Muncher noticed them, unscrewed the cap off the hydrant, took off and they gave chase. Callie and Gary went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Gary went on about how Summerville never had earthquakes despite its current activity. Callie asked what happened. Gary informed her about what oil and gas companies did to the area. He paused and asked her if she was drunk or really bored. She denied it. Gary noted he saw her falling asleep. Callie stated she was allergic to science. Gary suggested Benadryl. Callie told him she tried whiskey. Gary claimed science was amazing, pure, an absolute, and an answer to all the madness. He asked her why she disliked science then asked if Phoebe's dad was a scientist. Callie found that gross. Gary probed what the dad's deal was. Callie claimed it did not matter but told him anyway that the father got along fine with Trevor but couldn't really connect with Phoebe. Gary thought he sounded like a royal dirt bag. Callie corrected him and said he was just a very ordinary dirt bag. Gary took solace that Phoebe turned out okay. Callie hoped so and was worried because she kept her on the outside. Gary assured her Phoebe was just an awkward nerdy kid but she was awesome like her mother. Callie shared her wish that Phoebe would relax and get into some trouble. Gary believed there was plenty of time for that and joked she could take up pole dancing. Callie quipped she was not very coordinated. Gary joked that did not matter. She chuckled. Muncher flew through the Chinese restaurant and startled Gary and Callie.

Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast caused a lot of property damage during the pursuit down Main Street.[11] Phoebe shot a theater sign, news stands, store fronts, and the Spinners sign. She finally wrangled Muncher and Podcast deployed the Remote Trap Vehicle. He just about to trap Muncher but they were about to drive head on into a truck. They screamed and Trevor swerved around then dodged traffic. They gathered themselves and took off after Muncher. They managed to trap him before he could reach the mountain on the Shandor Mining Company's property but they approached the bridge. Trevor screamed. Phoebe barely got the gunner seat back inside in time before impact. The side of the exposed door scraped along the bridge, then properly closed after they cleared the bridge. Everyone screamed. Ecto-1 slid into a stop and kicked up a gravel cloud. Podcast surprised Phoebe and hugged her then apologized. Trevor realized they were looking at the same mountain he went to the day before. Evening fell as they drove home. Trevor asked if any of it bothered Phoebe. She asked what he meant. Podcast declared their grandfather was a legend and they could be anything they wanted, like an Influencer or a DJ. Trevor admitted it was easier when he thought Egon was crazy. Phoebe stated he was not. Trevor agreed but wondered why he abandoned their mother. Sheriff Domingo pulled them over. Trevor panicked and thought they were screwed. Podcast suggested they fight. Trevor told them to just open the glove box. There was an unopened Twinkie on top of the papers. Domingo tapped on the driver side window and asked Trevor for his license and registration.

Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast were arrested and taken to the Summerville County Sheriff's Department where they were placed on a jail cell. Eventually, Callie and Gary went to the sheriff's office to retrieve Trevor and Phoebe. Gary drove them back home to the Farmhouse. Everyone got out. Gary was about to say something but Trevor and Phoebe walked right into the house. Gary brushed it off. Callie and Gary both half shrugged to each other. She apologized for the night going sideways. He claimed he had a blast and suggested they continue their dinner the next night. Callie asked him if he really wanted more. Gary looked at the bright side: they had kung pao shrimp and went to jail. He was unsure how they were going to top a home run like that. Callie looked down, exhaled, and looked up again. She stated her life was a dumpster fire. Gary declared he loved dumpster fires and she should see his apartment. He corrected himself on the latter. She leaned in and kissed his cheek. He stopped rambling. As she walked to the door, he joked they were moving way too fast and she had to just relax. Gary held up a while plastic bag and offered to give the children their leftover shrimp. Callie closed the door. Meanwhile, at the Temple of Gozer in the Shandor mine, Zuul and Vinz Clortho emerged from their stone statues again. Gary stopped at the the local Walmart. Vinz Clortho, in wisp form, flew into the store after him. Gary ran out into the parking lot. Just when the automatic doors closed, Vinz burst through the glass a bit too fast and stuttered. Gary made it to his car. He jumped in headfirst through where the windshield used to be, sat up in the driver's seat and fumbled with his keys. One of Vinz's paws stomped down on the hood. He snarled. The tires squealed and flattened. Vinz looked down then turned back, roared, and lunged at Gary.

The next day, a meeting was held inside Spinners. Podcast, Phoebe, Trevor, and Lucky occupied one of the booths and went over what was going on inside the old mine owned by the Shandor Mining Company then they went to explore it. They discovered the lengths Egon went to protect the town and the world and that Egon's Proton Cannons were the cause of Summerville's earthquakes. They drove back to the Farmhosue to tell Callie everything but she was already possessed by Zuul. On the way home, Phoebe looked up from the backseat of the Subaru Outback at the black cloud forming above the Shandor mine. Lucky and Trevor exchanged looks. Back at the Farmhouse, the children met Zuul just as another earthquake started up. Most of the citizens, like the Wertheimer's Hardware Owner and sheriffs, were indifferent about it at first. Gary, possessed by Vinz Clortho, used a pipe wrench to wreck the Proton Cannons. The cross-rip proceeded. Zuul saw the atmospheric disturbance at the mine, snarled, and jumped through a window, shattering the glass. People looked up at the black clouds that suddenly formed above the town. Zuul made her way to the Shandor mine and reunited to Vinz. The children ran into the empty sheriff's office and easily recovered the confiscated equipment and Ecto-1. Lucky got into a squad car and drove to the Farmhouse with the Proton Pack. Trevor, from Ecto-1, drove to the Shandor mine. P.K.E. wisps started to fly around Summerville and fully manifest as entities, including the Miner Ghost at Spinners, the Flaming Phantasm chased people and the local fire truck around town, and the Bug-Eye Ghost emerged from a garden center at around 6:05 pm. After Gozer crossed over and emerged from the pit in the mine, a fissure opened up in center of a street in town.

Zuul was successfully trapped. Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast fled the mine with Callie and the Remote Trap Vehicle followed. Callie came to and asked what was going on. Phoebe told her it was okay. Podcast informed her she was possessed. Phoebe added she turned into a dog. Podcast added she got kind of "humpy." Callie was only getting more lost. Trevor yelled out for everyone to hold on. They turned at Spinners. Podcast lowered the hatch for the Remote Trap Vehicle. Callie remembered the underground laboratory. Phoebe cut her off and told her she knew about it. Callie recalled seeing computers and equipment. Podcast thought the place was insane. Callie agreed and revealed she sussed out Egon had a plan. Phoebe informed her they were aware. Callie remembered seeing all the photographs of her and realizing Egon was tracking her entire life. Podcast found that rewarding. Phoebe thought it was super but Trevor pointed out they were in the middle of trying to save the world. Callie wanted in. Vinz Clortho made a move for the Remote Trap Vehicle but missed. Podcast steered it to the sidewalk. Callie asked what that was. Trevor replied that was her boyfriend Gary. She took issue with "boyfriend." Vinz chased the Remote Trap Vehicle onto the sidewalk. He rammed into benches, tables, chairs, and newsstands before stumbling and tripping. Phoebe told her the Gatekeeper was in the Trap and her reunited with the Keymaster was bad. Callie was not catching on. Phoebe put a pin in it, pulled the lever, and moved outside on the gunner chair then she blasted Vinz. Vinz yelped. Phoebe returned inside. Callie was shocked. Phoebe stated she was a scientist. The Remote Trap Vehicle reached the ramp but faltered then finally entered the car. Phoebe continued explaining the plan to Callie.

The initial plan to capture Gozer with the Trap Field failed due to the Mini-Pufts sabotaging Ecto-1's gunner chair but Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore showed up in their gear and attempted to cross their streams directly into Gozer but it used its sheer strength to uncross them and whipped them into Ecto-1. Phoebe took on Gozer alone until Egon's ghost fully manifested and aided his granddaughter. Ray, Peter, and Winston recovered and blasted Gozer, too. Podcast dispatched several Mini-Pufts with the P.K.E. Meter's taser and the gunner seat went back online. Trevor blasted the three capacitor silos that powered the Trap Field. Callie stomped its trap pedal. Gozer, Zuul, Vinz, the P.K.E. wisps, and Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence was trapped. Lucky and Gary were liberated from the Terror Dog husks, Podcast met Ray, his one podcast subscriber, and Peter introduced himself to Phoebe and Callie. Egon and Callie made amends and hugged then he peacefully dissipated. They all looked up into the sky and saw a faint rendition of the No-Ghost Sign. Ecto-1, under Winston's auspices, was taken back to New York City.

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Behind The Scenes

On February 20, 2019, it was reported production was planning to shoot for 15 weeks on location in Calgary, Alberta beginning on-or-about June 25th.[12]

On March 24, 2019, it was reported filming in Calgary is set to finish on October 11.[13]

On April 17, 2019, Production Weekly's listing was updated, changing the start date of filming to July 14. July 12 was also reported as the new start date.[14] Eric Steelberg was location scouting in Calgary with Jason Reitman.[15]

On June 4, 2019, it was reported that filming in Calgary would take place from July 14 to October 7.[16]

On July 15, 2019, principal photography began. Film crews set up near the Red Cross Building along 13th Avenue Southwest in the Beltline region of Calgary.[17] Jason Reitman was seen on 13th Ave.[18] Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon were seen filming a scene.[19]

On July 22, 2019, it was reported filming would take place in Fort Macleod from August 8 to August 13.[20]

On July 26, 2019, it was specified during a town meeting that filming in Fort Macleod would be between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm on August 8th and 9th, between 6:30 am to 6:30pm on August 10th, and from Sunday to Tuesday, between 2:00 pm and 3:00 am. Maps of areas where filming will take place were also revealed.[21]

On July 30, 2019, Paul Rudd was spotted at W.G. Murdoch School. Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, and Bill Murray were sighted, too.[22][23] A production schedule for Crossfield was later posted. On July 26, filming was done inside the Wills Place Cafe looking out to the street then inside the Howes Bros Hardware Store. On July 29 and 30, filming was done at the W.G. Murdoch School. On July 30, filming moved to the Enjoy Garden Chinese Restaurant. On July 31, filming was done at Murdoch and Enjoy again. Filming is scheduled for Murdoch School again on August 1 then interior filming at 1112 Railway Street on August 2, 6, and 7. Filming at Crossfield Automotive was also scheduled for August 7. There was also exterior filming where the street and gravel parking lots off of Railway Street are in the background which involves a character driving a vehicle down Railway.[24][25]

On August 1, 2019, Jason Reitman posted a photo of Rodrigo and the clapboard, Roll A 43, Scene 64C, and Take 6, which also indicated the use of a 35-80mm lens and the scene, involving a VFX shot, was to be filmed at 48 fps.[26] Photographs from the W.G. Murdoch set were posted, including one of Crossfield Fire Department firefighters with Captain Joe Holstein, a sheriff's vehicle for a Summerville County, a diner, an auto repair shop, older model vehicles with Oklahoma plates, a Summerville Middle School school bus, and two shots of Murdoch's exterior.[27]

On August 2, 2019, more info on filming in Fort Macleod was revealed. Filming is tentatively set for August 8 to August 18. The location appealed to the filmmakers for its timelessness, especially the main street. Macleod will represent "a nondescript town in Oklahoma." None of the stars are scheduled to work there. The scene filmed will basically be a driving scene, and it will have stunt people and stunt drivers. The scene will only be in the film for a few minute. The production will use about 100 to 120 crew. Filming will shut down portions of 2 Avenue and 24 Street.[28] Dan Aykroyd was seen on a Calgary set.[29] A Stay Puft Marshmallows ad was sighted at a set.[30]

On August 3, 2019, a photo of the Summerville County Sheriff Department exterior was posted.[31]

On August 5, 2019, 8 stills from the Crossfield set were posted of the Ecto-1, W.G. Murdoch school, and a Chinese restaurant exterior.[32]

On August 7, 2019, film location manager Laszlo Uhrik was quoted explaining the filming at Fort Macleod would be a single action scene which will be three to four minutes of the movie at most. It will take four or five days to film this scene. The scene was described as, "A car comes up to an intersection, stops, screeches around the corner and then zooms down main street" and "There's a couple of kids in the car chasing an imaginary character that we never see, but they don't quite have a handle on the car because they are still young kids...They have the pedal to the metal and the car is banging off of light posts and jumping the curb." Special and visual effects will be involved in the scene shot. Filming will be in two locations in Fort Macleod, at 2nd Avenue between the highways and 24th Street.[33]

On August 9, 2019, photos from the Fort Macleod shoot were posted.[34][35] Photos of Ecto-1 were also posted.[36][37] Video was taken of Ecto-1 being driven.[38]

On August 10, 2019, an Ecto-1 driving scene at the Fort Macleod shoot was posted and it involved an explosion and crash.[39]

On August 12, 2019, Jason Reitman posted a photo of a slimed stop sign.[40]

On August 13, 2019, it was reporting filming was also being done in the Village of Beiseker.[41]

On August 16, 2019, it was reported there would be filming at 24th Street and Highway 3 in Fort Macleod this weekend through Sunday evening.[42]

On August 18, 2019, photos of false facade for the Summerville post office and vehicles for the Sheriff Department and a mining company were posted.[43]

On August 24, 2019, the two Ecto-1 cars were seen filming again in Dorothy.[44] The Summerville post office was clarified to be in Drumheller.[45] A giant Greetings From Oklahoma sign was also found.[46]

On August 26, 2019, photos of Ecto-1 driving scenes and the Summerville set dressing in Drumheller was posted. It was also rumored the house and barn might belong to Peter or Ray.[47][48]

On August 27, 2019, in Beiseker, there were 3 buildings dressed for Summerville and the Spinners Roller Hop but it appearing filming was done since no crew members were present.[49] Location Manager Bruce Brownstein posted a shooting call flier marking August 27 as Day 31 of 62 of filming.[50]

On August 28, 2019, more photos of Ecto-1 driving scenes and the Summerville set in Drumheller was posted.[51]

On August 30, 2019, it was reported sets were being dismantled by the crew.[52] It was also reported the sets in Beiseker were being torn down the other day, including the Spinners Roller Hop.[53]

On September 6, 2019, it was reported there will be a one day re-shoot in Fort Macleod on September 7 with a "very minimal crew" taking shots of vehicles that were part of the original action scene that was filmed. It will take place along 24th Street and 2nd Ave from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.[54]

On October 4, 2019, Francis Audoy revealed Jason Reitman also looked at Pennsylvania and New Mexico for filming before deciding on Alberta.[55]


  • The look of Summerville was in part inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home and school Taliesin West and Wright's students settling in the area.[56]
  • Summerville was filmed in four different towns in Canada: Drumheller, Beiseker, Fort Macleod, and Crossfield.
  • During the driving montage to Summerville.
    • They drive from the south to Drumheller from Highway Number 9 in the Bleriot Ferry area.
    • The Summerville Water Tower is the Drumheller Water Tower at 2 St. 2, Drumheller, AB T0J0Y4, Canada.[57]
      • The words "Summerville" only appears on the water tower starting in Trailer #2. In the same trailer, the nearby Village Plaza signage has been digitally erased.
      • "Summerville" was digitally added to the water tower in Drumheller.[58]
    • They drive through Drumheller, down Third Avenue East between First and Center Street.
      • In background behind Trevor is the Summerville American Legion Post No 426 building.
    • The interior of Spinners Roller Hop is from the set at First Avenue and Sixth Street in Beisker, Alberta.[59]
  • An intersection in Drumheller with a view of the water tower became an extension of Summerville's Main Street then after turning the corner, the town used was Fort Macleod where the Empress Theatre is located.[60]
  • The Summerville Middle School was filmed at the W.G. Murdoch School at 1020 Mountain Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0, Canada.
  • Gary Grooberson's map of Oklahoma places Summerville as a stand-in for Woodward, Oklahoma.
  • The hardware store interiors were filmed at Howe's Brothers Lumber and Building store at 818 Railway Street in Crossfield.
  • During Podcast's tour of Summerville, he and Phoebe walk past the Canadian Blood Services building in Beiseker.
  • Podcast and Phoebe's tour was also filmed in Fort Macleod, as they walk past the Empress Threatre at 235 24th Street, Fort MacLeod, Alberta T0L 0Z0, Canada.
  • The theatre Phoebe and Podcast walk past during the tour advertises a screening of Cannibal Girls, a movie directed by Ivan Reitman and also referenced in Ghostbusters II, and Bingo.
  • When Podcast and Phoebe walk to the Shandor Mining Company, the Dorothy Ferry Bridge, where it was filmed, was augmented with CGI to make the area look bigger.
  • The drive to the Shandor mine was filmed at Horsethief Canyon in Drumheller.[61] It is about 17 minutes north of Drumheller. A false ramp was placed on the road when they drive up.
  • Lucky reveals her family has lived in Summerville for four generations.
  • The ancient map that Grooberson notices while inside the Farmhouse first appeared off-screen as supplemental material with a tie-in merchandise release of Reebok shoes in November 2020.[62]
  • Gary notes Summerville isn't even a hundred years old. It is only 92 or 93 years old as it was founded in 1928.
  • Summerville Foundry was filmed at the Turner Valley Gas Plant in Calgary at Sunset Boulevard SE, Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0.
  • The scene where Callie and Grooberson eat dinner was filmed in the Enjoy Garden on Railway Street in Crossfield.
  • The grain elevator Ecto-1 passes by was filmed in Dorothy. There is an old grain elevator at Highway 570 near 1st Street. In contrast, the Ghostbusters: Afterlife: The Art and Making of the Movie contends the grain elevator was digitally inserted.[63]
  • The Muncher chase was built as an afternoon chase that crescendos at sunset. It was filmed over the course of principle photography in different towns. Jason Reitman considers it one of the most complicated pieces of filmmaking he has ever undertaken.[64]
  • The Muncher chase scene took all of principal photography to film.[65]
  • The Wertheimers Hardware storefront was filmed in Drumheller.[66]
  • Filming of the Muncher chase was seen at the corner of Railway Street and Nanton Avenue in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada in August 2019.
  • When Trevor, Podcast, and Phoebe, in Ecto-1, find Muncher eating a hydrant, that was filmed in front of Queens Hotel in Fort MacLeod.
  • The Gunner seat reveal was filmed in Fort Macleod, on the corner of Second Avenue and 24th Street.
  • In pursuit of Muncher in Ecto-1, they turn off 2 Avenue onto 24th Street then past the Empress Theatre at 235 24th Street, Fort Macleod, Alberta T0L 0Z0, Canada.
  • The theater signage blasted by Phoebe is that of Fort Macleod's Empress Theatre.
  • Ecto-1 passes by the Empress Theatre twice during the chase but the second time, the theatre is digitally erased. Similarily, the Pioneer Trail store is passed twice.
  • The Summerville post office seen during the Muncher chase bears a fictitious 74024 zip code. Summerville stands in for Woodward, which has the zip codes 73801 and 73802.
    • The post office used was from Drumheller.[67] and Fort MacLeod at Third Avenue East and Center Street.
  • During filming of Ecto-1 and the RTV following Muncher down the gravel road, Ben Eadie accidentally drove an RTV into some rocks and it crashed under a camera truck and it exploded and caught on fire. After the write-off paperwork was done, Eadie was told to throw the box of remains away but he put it in his car with the intent to do a restoration.[68][69]
  • The scene where Ecto-1 is pulled over by Sheriff Domingo was filmed in Fort MacLeod at the Alberta Wheat Pool Grain Elevator at 15 St & 1 Avenue.
  • The Summerville County Sheriff's Department was filmed at 1112 Railway Street, Crossfield, Canada.
  • The Summerville Walmart was filmed at the Deerfoot City Shopping Centre's Walmart in Calgary.[70] It was done over three nights from store closing around 10 pm to 5 am the next day.[71]
  • The garage Ecto-1 exits out of was filmed at Crossfield Automotive next to where the sheriff's office was filmed.
  • The shot of the garage door rising up mirrors when the Ecto-1 drove out of the Firehouse to head to the Sedgewick Hotel in the first movie, Chapter 11: "We Got One!"
  • After leaving the sheriff's office, Ecto-1 turns and passes by a Stay Puft Marshmallows mural on the side of a building. This was filmed on Railway Street in Crossfield on the side of A&B Liquor Store building across the street at 1202 Railway (Railway St. and Nanton Avenue).
  • The shot of Ecto-1 turning past the Stay Puft Marshmallows sign was a recreation of the shot of Ecto-1 leaving the Firehouse after the Ghostbusters got their first call, seen in Chapter 11: "We Got One!"[72]
  • The montage of ghosts terrorizing background actors was on 3rd Avenue and Centre Street in Drumheller.[73]
  • The top of the Summerville Miners Memorial in front of the post office is overflowing with ectoplasm during the montage. The base of the memorial has the date of the tragedy as May 20, 1945 and includes names of the miners who died. The side of the base was briefly seen during the Muncher chase when Ecto-1 turns at the post office.[74]
  • The miners memorial was in Drumheller during filming.[75]
  • A building is named after the late Tom Pollock, a studio executive, producer, and co-owner of The Montecito Picture Company along with Ivan Reitman. The building also bears Pollock's birth year of 1943. In the final days of post-production, Jason Reitman digitally replaced "Newcastle" with "Pollock" in memory of him.[76]



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