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The Summerville County Sheriff's Department is the headquarters of the sheriffs stationed in Summerville.


In June 2021, Trevor Spengler, Phoebe Spengler, and Podcast were arrested and taken to the Summerville County Sheriff's Department where they were placed on a jail cell. Two officers stared at the Remote Trap Vehicle and the controller. One officer pushes a button and the Remote Trap Vehicle sprung up. Trevor talked to Podcast and Phoebe about what happened to him the day before at the top of the mountain on the Shandor Mining Company property. Podcast grinned from ear to ear and looked around. Trevor stopped and asked Podcast if he was even paying any attention to him. Podcast claimed he was listening then admitted he was excited to be in jail. Trevor continued on about hearing something say "Gozer." From the jail cell next to theirs, Lucky Domingo stood up from the cot and confirmed Trevor was speaking the truth. Trevor turned around and made small talk. Lucky asked him for help with hiding something for her. He immediately agreed to. Lucky asked him if had any priors. Trevor told her he had none. Lucky explained he would only be charged as a minor and get a minimum sentence of two years. Trevor heard her say two. Lucky promised to visit him. Sheriff Domingo heard everything and told Lucky to quit messing with his inmates. She apologized and called him "Dad." Trevor realized the sheriff was her father and she was kidding. Lucky confirmed she was just waiting for her ride home. She stepped out of her cell, closed the door, and told Trevor he looked good behind bars. Phoebe stood up and asked Sheriff Domingo about her phone call. He asked her who she was gonna call. He sat her down at a desk, placed a desk phone in front of her, and advised her to make it quick, then he walked away. Phoebe waited until the coast is clear then she got out a folded up piece of paper and unfolded it. She dialed the Ghostbusters' original phone number, adjusted her glasses and waited for an answer. She spoke to Ray Stantz. She informed him of Egon Spengler's passing. He answered her questions and told her what happened to the Ghostbusters. She told Ray she was Egon's granddaughter. Sheriff Domingo abruptly pushed the switch hook's button to hang up and announced her time was up.

Callie Spengler and Gary Grooberson entered the sheriff's office. Deputy Medjuck was at the front desk with another officer. Callie asked where her children were. Medjuck informed her they were in lockup. She stated her children were not criminals. Medjuck believed her in a sarcastic tone. Sheriff Domingo stepped out of his office and told Callie they were driving without a license, had an expired registration, and were speeding. Callie presumed they were not the first to go joyriding in Summerville. Gary protested and pointed out it was a Saturday night. Domingo confirmed they were not the first to joyride but they were the first to destroy half of Main Street with an odd weapon. He had no idea what the Proton Pack was and pointed to it on the front desk. Gary was amazed by the sight of it. Phoebe and Trevor were escorted to the front. Trevor's cuffs were taken off. Callie asked them what the hell they were thinking. Gary joined in and pointed out they could have really hurt themselves. While Callie's back was to him, Gary's face indicated the opposite and he thought they did something really cool. He casually introduced himself to a confused Trevor. Domingo asked the officers if they processed them out yet. Callie angrily took the cap off a pen and looked at the release form. Gary leaned toward Phoebe and asked in a whisper if she caught anything. Phoebe indicated it was in the Trap. Callie told them they were leaving then reminded him he was supposed to look after Phoebe this summer. Gary was surprised. Callie clarified she was talking to Trevor. Trevor quibbled the incident was Phoebe's idea.

Phoebe inquired about their equipment and Ecto-1. Domingo informed her they would remain nice and safe in their impound locker. Phoebe protested and stated they needed all of it. Callie ordered her to come along. Phoebe stated they caught a ghost. Medjuck snickered and referred to them as the Dirt Farmer's family. Phoebe warned there would be more. Domingo told her she was starting to sound like her lunatic grandfather. Phoebe heard enough, grabbed the Particle Thrower, turned it on, and aimed it at Domingo. Callie stepped in front of her and claimed she did not mean it. Domingo remained calm and asked her if she wanted to spend the night in his jail. Callie forcefully took the thrower away. She held it vertically by the wood grip and handed it to Domingo. Callie ordered Phoebe out again. Phoebe stormed off. Callie called out to Trevor then left the office. Trevor acknowledged Lucky and mused he would see her at work. Lucky nodded and told him she would see him. Gary nodded at Domingo, pointed at the Proton Pack unable to contain himself then left.

The next day, Trevor, Phoebe, Podcast, and Lucky ran into the empty sheriff's office. Lucky hopped over the counter and checked the radio. There were weird sounds coming over the radio. Podcast touched spilled liquid from a cup on its side. He tasted it and confirmed the sheriffs were just there. Lucky and Trevor ran down a corridor and found Ecto-1 up on a lift. Podcast and Phoebe searched the evidence room, dumping stuff on the ground. Podcast checked on Phoebe's progress. Phoebe replied she was only finding more stupid guns. Podcast went around a corner and was in awe of finding jail inside a jail. The Remote Trap Vehicle, controller, Proton Pack, and Ecto Goggles were behind bars. Phoebe caught up him and became upset. She explained the cell was secured with an ANSI Class One electromagnetic deadbolt. Podcast reaffirmed he believed in her. She stated it was unpickable. Podcast looked inside and got an idea. He reached for the controller then flipped the red cover on the controller. Phoebe ordered him to wait but it was too late. Muncher was released. Podcast and Phoebe backed up. Muncher immediately bent and ate many of the metal bars, making a sizable hole. He squeezed out of and flew up through the ceiling. One side of the door creaked open. They ran inside. Phoebe pushed the equipment on a cart to the rear of Ecto-1. Trevor handed the equipment to Podcast inside. The garage door moved up, revealing Ecto-1's grill. Lucky got into a squad car. Trevor, from Ecto-1, asked her if she was ready. Lucky teased she would be waiting. Lucky turned left and drove to the Farmhouse. Trevor turned right with the sirens on. Ecto-1 passed by a Stay Puft Marshmallows mural on the side of a building. They drove to the Shandor Mining Company.

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Behind The Scenes

Filming at Crossfield Automotive was scheduled for August 7, 2019. There was also exterior filming where the street and gravel parking lots off of Railway Street are in the background which involves a character driving a vehicle down Railway.[1][2]

On August 3, 2019, a photo of the Summerville County Sheriff Department exterior was posted.[3]


  • The Summerville County Sheriff's Department was filmed at 1112 Railway Street, Crossfield, Canada.[4][5]
  • There is a plate of Timbits in the sheriff's office. Timbits are native to Canada, bite-sized doughnut holes made from leftover doughnut dough.
  • Phoebe, Trevor, and Podcast are arrested and briefly incarcerated, similar to the Ghostbusters in the first movie.
  • Phoebe's impulsive emotional outburst in the police station mirrors when Egon had an outburst against Walter Peck in the first movie, Chapter 21: Out of Biz.
  • The sheriff's garage Ecto-1 exits out of was filmed at Crossfield Automotive next to where the sheriff's office was filmed.
  • The shot of the garage door rising up mirrors when the Ecto-1 drove out of the Firehouse to head to the Sedgewick Hotel in the first movie, Chapter 11: "We Got One!"
  • After leaving the sheriff's office, Ecto-1 turns and passes by a Stay Puft Marshmallows mural on the side of a building. This was filmed outside the A&B Liquor Store building across the street at 1202 Railway (Railway St. and Nanton Avenue.




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