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The Summerville Middle School is a public middle school located in Summerville


In summer 2021, Gary Grooberson went to Summerville to study an unprecendented amount of earthquakes. To supplement his stay in Summerville, Gary got a job at Summerville Middle School teaching a summer school science course. Callie walked Phoebe to Summerville Middle School but noticed something was wrong and inquired. Phoebe clarified she loved learning, not school and summer school was a state sponsored work camp for delinquents. Callie offered her an alternative: help scrape asbestos out of the attic at the Farmhouse. Phoebe decided to take her chances with public education. Callie took her sunglasses off, stopped at the entrance, and advised Phoebe not to be yourself. Gary stopped at the school's entrance to ask Callie if she was okay. Callie told him it was her child's first day and asked him if he could imagine who they got teaching summer school. Gary informed her he was the summer school teacher. She apologized. Gary told her it was okay and pointed out most of the children were not very bright. He greeted a boy named Colin. Colin pushed past Callie and ignored Gary. Gary summarized he could basically do whatever he wanted. Callie commented that was a score. Gary agreed and called it a dream job. She walked outside, turned her head once to take one more look, then resumed walking.

Gary wheeled in an old cathode tube television into the classroom and greeted his students. He introduced himself as "Mr. Grooberson" and admitted off the bat that he did not want to be in school as much they did not. He revealed he discovered a VHS copy of "Cujo" in the teacher's lounge and explained to them the movie was about a rabid Saint Bernard. He refrained from giving too much away but told them to imagine if Beethoven contracted rabies and just started mauling children. He mused they would get the idea and played the movie then went into another room connected to the classroom. Phoebe was dismayed. Podcast, the boy sitting next to her, narrated into his boom mike and painted Phoebe as an outcast with a secret rejected by her peers. He speculated she on the run or on the run from herself. He moved the mike to Phoebe. Phoebe clarified her grandfather died and her family came to Summerville to "pick through the rubble of his life," according to her mother. Podcast asked if she was trying to uncover the mystery of his death. She told him he died of was natural causes. Podcast inquired if she was sure it was not murder. Phoebe was pretty sure it was just a heart attack. Podcast remarked it was the silent killer. They introduced themselves and shook hands. Phoebe asked him why people called him "Podcast." He clarified he called himself "Podcast" because he had a podcast.

Around the point in the movie when Cujo attacked Karen's car, another earthquake went off in Summerville. Gary went to an instrument and watched it. Phoebe walked in and stared at his research on the wall. She asked what it was. Gary was surprised and informed her there was a highly entertaining movie about a killer dog happening right over in the classroom. Phoebe asked if that was a seismic map on the wall. Gary confirmed it was and asked her how she knew that. She explained she guessed it was a seismic map because it was a map of seismic activity. Before Gary could speak, she asked him if he was a seismologist. He asked her if that seemed hard to believe. Phoebe stated she figured him for a football coach. He was beside himself. Phoebe looked over some papers and noticed the patterns were not tectonic or volcanic. Gary was intrigued and drew out a volcanic and tectonic earthquake. He stated how the volcanic one builds and crests and how the tectonic has a little p-wave followed by a large s-wave. Phoebe stated she knew that and she was not an idiot. Gary agreed then drew out the pattern in Summerville: a large p-wave and a small s-wave like an explosion. Phoebe asked him where it was coming from. Gary admitted he had no idea and revealed he could not triangulate it despite setting up geophones. Phoebe asked if he used three. Gary confirmed he knew how many sides there are in a triangle. Phoebe joked she thought he was being obtuse then she winked. Gary stared at her then asked if that was a geometry joke. Phoebe confirmed it was joke and explained that was why she winked. Gary understood and found it so terrible he loved it. He continued and explained to Phoebe that Summerville was nowhere near a tectonic plate, never had any underground volcanic activity, was near no fault lines, and never had any frakking took place there and added there was not even any loud music yet the town was shaking on a daily basis. They looked at the seismic map. Phoebe speculated it could be the apocalypse. He looked at her.

The next day, Gary played "Chucky" for the class. While the other students watched Chucky attacking Karen Barclay, Podcast attempted to pry the Trap Phoebe brought open with a wooden ruler. Part of the ruler snapped off. Gary looked up from his comic book and quickly got out of his chair. Gary was impressed with their killer replica. He picked up the Trap and admired it. Podcast agreed. Phoebe asked him what it was a replica of. Gary was shocked at her question. He told them it was a Ghost Trap. They looked at him blankly. He looked at Podcast and wondered how of all people, he knew nothing about it. Podcast stated he was ashamed. Gary admitted he was obsessed was Ghostbusters and equated New York in the 1980s to "The Walking Dead." He looked at every inch of the Trap. Phoebe asked him if it just stopped. Gary recalled there was no ghost sighting in 30 years. A small gray mist seeped out then sucked back in the Trap. Gary dropped the Trap. The Trap cackled. He crouched down and asked them if that was a real Trap. Podcast confirmed it was. Phoebe told him it might be and revealed she found it in her living room. Podcast added she lived on the Dirt Farm. Gary asked that was the really spooky one. Podcast told him it was farm that read "DIRT" on it. Phoebe asked what happened in New York. Gary showed them a recording taken by someone during the Manhattan Crossrip of 1984 and explained the whole city was freaking out and then these physicists showed up in their portable proton accelerators and blew the roof off a Manhattan high rise.

Gary soon realized none of it was ringing a bell with them. Phoebe pointed out it was decades before she was born. Podcast believed that all happened. Gary guessed her father never mentioned it. Phoebe stated was only with her mother. Gary commented "cool" then slipped away. Podcast questioned why he said that. Gary wondered if the Trap still worked. Podcast suggested they try to open it. Gary lit up at the thought of that. After school, Gary clamped jumper cables on a school bus engine and on the Trap. He picked up a pair of safety glasses and handed one to Phoebe. She wad amused two millimeters of plastic was considered eye protection. She asked them if what they were doing was safe. Gary stated it was not safe and history was safe. He walked to the driver window of the school bus while Phoebe uncurled the Trap's line. Gary called geometry safe. He declared science was all particle accelerators and hydrogen bombs or giving yourself the plague and gambling on the cure. He handed the other pair of safety glasses to Podcast, who sat on the bus driver's seat. Phoebe placed the trap pedal down between the two school buses then she stood near the open door. She called science reckless. Gary agreed it was reckless, like punk rock, and called safety pins the nipple of academia then told Podcast to fire it up. Podcast started the ignition. The Trap cackled. Gary exhaled and admitted he always wanted to open a Trap. Phoebe took cover behind the door. He pushed the pedal down with his foot. Nothing happened. He stomped the pedal twice more. Nothing happened. He held out his hand to tell Phoebe to stay there. He approached the Trap in anticipation. He tapped the Trap doors. It suddenly opened in a flash. He fell on his back. The spectral form of Vinz Clortho roared then flew towards the Shandor Mining Company property. Phoebe turned away as it passed by, shattering the windows on Gary's car and both buses. Podcast stepped outside and raised his arms in triumph. Gary became uneasy and suggested they leave. Phoebe pointed out he was an adult. Gary noted he was and that made him liable. Gary took the clamps off the Trap then drove Phoebe and Podcast to the Farmhouse.

Behind The Scenes

On July 30, 2019, Paul Rudd was spotted at W.G. Murdoch School. Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, and Bill Murray were sighted, too.[1][2] On July 29 and 30, filming was done at the W.G. Murdoch School. On July 31, filming was done at Murdoch again. Filming was scheduled for Murdoch School again on August 1.[3][4]

On July 31, 2019, Ivan and Jason Reitman were seen at the W.G. Murdoch set.[5]

On August 1, 2019, Jason Reitman posted a photo of Rodrigo and the clapboard, Roll A 43, Scene 64C, and Take 6, which also indicated the use of a 35-80mm lens and the scene, involving a VFX shot, was to be filmed at 48 fps.[6] Photographs from the W.G. Murdoch set were posted, including one of Crossfield Fire Department firefighters with Captain Joe Holstein, older model vehicles with Oklahoma plates, a Summerville Middle School school bus, and two shots of Murdoch's exterior.[7]

On August 5, 2019, 8 stills from the Crossfield set were posted including the W.G. Murdoch school.[8]

On August 22, 2019, a set piece for Summerville Middle School was found.[9]


  • The Summerville Middle School was filmed at the W.G. Murdoch School at 1020 Mountain Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0, Canada.
  • A Zaxby's cup is in Gary Grooberson's research room. Zaxby's was one of the restaurant chains participating in promotional tie-ins for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.



  1. On page 47 of Ghostbusters: Afterlife: The Art and Making of the Movie, the design for the Summerville Middle School seal is presented, confirming the school was established in 1956.



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