Swen Christianson[1] is the son of Sken Christianson in New Oslo.


In 1997, a heatwave caused a drought that jeopardized a crop of corn planted by the Christianson family. Swen wanted to use the Sceptre of Donar to summon Harasvelg and bring rain to town. However, his father and Grandpa Christianson turned down the idea. Without their permission, Sken sneaked into the New Oslo Scandinavian Folk Museum and stole the Sceptre and a paper with an incantation on it. Swen successfully called upon Harasvelg but failed to rescind it when his father demanded it. A short time later, Sken and Swen went to the Firehouse. Swen confessed to his part in the erratic weather patterns.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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