The TV Reporter[1] was shown right after Roger Grimsby in the montage.


The man-on-the-street TV Reporter stood at the corner of Broadway and Chambers Street near 280 Broadway and noted everybody had heard ghost stories around the campfire. He talked about his grandmother, who used to spin yarns about a spectral locomotive that would rocket past the farm where she grew up.


  • In early drafts up to the final shooting script, the TV Reporter's name was Roy Brady.[2]
    • In the August 5 and September 30, 1983 drafts, Bryant Gumble introduces Roy for a segment on the Today Show.
    • In the October 7, 1983 draft, Roger Grimsby introduces Roy.
  • The scene at at the corner of Broadway and Chambers Street near 280 Broadway with the TV Reporter was the first thing filmed for the movie.[3]
  • The bearded man in the background behind the reporter is not an extra. He simply wondered onto the set during filming.[4]



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