The Talking Pigeons are three pigeons who were animated during the Tiamat incident.


After their wedding, Winston Zeddemore and Tiyah Zeddemore returned to their room at the Waltz-Partington Hotel. As they reaffirmed their dedication to each other in light of the Blood Rain showers, the Talking Pigeons tapped at their window and inquired when they were going to start "doing stuff." Winston asked Tiyah if she had the Ghost Taser that Ray Stantz gave her as a birthday present. One of the pigeons was captured by Winston and taken to the Firehouse for further inspection.



  1. Tiyah Zeddemore (2014). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #18" (2014) (Comic p.12). Tiyah says: "It's not like we can just leave town when it's raining blood and pigeons start heckling."
  2. Narrator (2016). Insight Editions- "Tobin's Spirit Guide" (2016) (Book p.88). Paragraph reads: "Her presence brought about a number of scientific anomalies (including blood raining from the sky, talking pigeons, and areas of unreliable gravity)."


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