The Tavern on the Green is a restaurant located in New York City's Central Park just off Central Park West at West 67th Street on Manhattan's Upper West Side. After originally opening in 1934, the restaurant filed for bankruptcy and eventually closed its doors in 2009; however in 2014 it reopened under new management.[1]


In 1984, Louis Tully fled from Vinz Clortho and ran into Central Park. Louis found himself outside the Tavern but couldn't find a way inside. He banged once on the window. He ran to door. It was locked. Louis whimpered to be let in. Louis knocked a white chair down, then doubled back and hopped over some brush, and banged on the window. He pleaded for someone to let him in. Louis kept on screaming, then turned his head around then his whole body. His back pressed against the window. Despite voicing his distress to the customers and employees inside, Louis was left alone outside with Vinz Clortho, who had caught up to him. Louis tried to talk to him like a person to a regular dog and frantically checked his pocket for a Milk-Bone. Vinz Clortho growled. Louis screamed in terror then slid down to the ground and fainted. The restaurant guests and staff were quiet for a couple of seconds, then resumed their conversations. The music restarted as well.




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