Ted Adams is one of the founding partners of IDW Publishing. [1]


Ted Adams received an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

Adams has successfully negotiated the IDW's film and television projects which include, "30 Days of Night" in 2007 with Sony, "Dark Days" in 2010 with Sony), "Remains" in 2011 with Chiller, and "Locke & Key" in 2011 with Fox. Adams serves as Executive Producer on all IDW projects.

Adams has served as publisher, producer, CEO of IDW Media Holding, and operational CEO of IDW Entertainment, IDW Games, and IDW Publishing. On November 14, 2017, Greg Goldstein succeeded him as publisher effective immediately, while Adams continued to serve as CEO of IDW Media Holdings. [2] On July 26, 2018, it was announced Adams was stepping down as CEO of IDW Media Holdings to take a sabbatical then return shortly in a "more creative role" at IDW. He will be succeeded by Kerry McCluggage, a former Paramount TV chairman. [3]

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