Ghostbusters films

This section shall be for all film related ghosts. Ghosts will be listed by when they first appear. Same goes for the films.

NameAKASingle / MultipleClass Based on RPGClass in MaterialsAppears In
Library ghostDr. Eleanor Twitty
The Grey Lady
Singular EntityClass 4Class 4Ghostbusters
Green Ghost
Singular EntityClass 5Class 5Ghostbusters; Ghostbusters II
Terror DogType of EntityClass 6Ghostbusters
ZuulThe GatekeeperType of EntityClass 6Ghostbusters
Vinz ClorthoThe KeymasterType of EntityClass 6Ghostbusters
Dream GhostSingular EntityClass 3Ghostbusters
Subway GhostType of EntityClass 5Ghostbusters
Zombie Taxi DriverType of EntityClass 4Ghostbusters
GozerGozer the Gozerian
The Traveller
Type of EntityClass 7Ghostbusters
Stay Puft Marshmallow ManMr. Stay PuftType of EntityClass 7Class 7Ghostbusters
Scoleri BrothersGroup of EntitiesClass 4Ghostbusters II
VigoVigo the Carpathian
Vigo Von Homburg Deustchendorf
Singular EntityClass 4Ghostbusters II
Jogger GhostSingular EntityClass 3Ghostbusters II
Disembodied VoiceSingular EntityClass 1Ghostbusters II
Impaled headsGroup of EntitiesClass 2Ghostbusters II
Frog GhostSingular EntityClass 5Ghostbusters II
Ghost TrainGroup of EntitiesClass 3Ghostbusters II
Slime in Bathtub AttackSingular EntityClass 2Ghostbusters II
Theatre GhostSingular EntityClass 5Ghostbusters II
Mink CoatSingular EntityClass 6Ghostbusters II
Washington Square GhostSingular EntityClass 5Ghostbusters II
TitanicGroup of EntitiesClass 3Ghostbusters II
Fiorello La GuardiaSingular EntityClass 4Ghostbusters II
Gertrude AldridgeSingular EntityClass 4Class 4Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Electrocuted GhostSparkySingular EntityClass 3Class 4Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
EarlSingular EntityClass 2Ghostbusters (2016 Movie): Extended Version
Gretta DeMilleSingular EntityClass 4Class 4Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
MayhemStonebrook Theatre GhostSingular EntityClass 5Class 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Ghost Invasion SpectersGroup of EntitiesClass 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Flasher GhostSingular EntityClass 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Subway Ghost RatsGroup of EntitiesClass 6Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Coffee House GhostSingular EntityClass 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie): Extended Version
Green Ghost
Singular EntityClass 5Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Macy's Parade Spectator GhostsGroup of EntitiesClass 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Ghost BalloonsGroup of EntitiesGhostbusters (2016 Movie)
Stay Puft Ghost BalloonSingular EntityGhostbusters (2016 Movie)
Ring Leader GhostTall GhostSingular EntityClass 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Times Square Battle GhostsGroup of EntitiesClass 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Lady SlimerSingular EntityClass 5Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Ecto-1 Party SpectersGroup of EntitiesClass 3Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)
Rowan NorthSingular EntityClass 7Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)

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