Thaine Morris was Entertainment Effects Group's Mechanical Effects Supervisor who worked on Ghostbusters.


Thaine Morris worked a both an effects supervisor and pyrotechnics consultant.


Morris worked on scenes such as when the Ghostbusters shoot the Chambermaid's cart, when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was lit on fire, and when the Temple of Gozer was blown up. [1] [2] [3]


  1. Thaine Morris (1999). Ghostbusters (1984) "SFX Team Featurette" (1999) (DVD ts. 10:58-11:32). Columbia Pictures. Thaine Morris says: "We got a $25-$35,000 suit and we got three of them in the world. We set the guy on fire, he falls down. That's the universal signal of 'I'm in trouble' so we put him out. There goes 20,000 bucks. We'll try this again tomorrow night. He did it again. And he does it again. We hired Connie Caesar and 'Ok, step on this box - slap the top of the church. Got it?' 'Yeah, but I don't want supplied air' We argued for 10 minutes about the fact he was going to have to be supplied air because the foam on this thing was toxic."
  2. Thaine Morris (1999). Ghostbusters (1984) "SFX Team Featurette" (1999) (DVD ts. 12:04-12:17). Columbia Pictures. Thaine Morris says: "We told her 'We're going to put little pyrotechnics on the cart.' Operative word "little." It 'ploded pretty heavy. And that line she sticks her head out there around the corner... she's looking straight at us and she ain't happy."
  3. Mark Stetson (1999). Ghostbusters (1984) "SFX Team Featurette" (1999) (DVD ts. 12:57-13:09). Columbia Pictures. Mark Stetson says: "We wielded up a frame of quarter inch steel on the old temple and I just couldn't believe you needed it that strong and we started talking about deflector aprons to get the blast to shoot out the sides in the original illustration."


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