The Art of The Real Ghostbusters is a fan website, covering prototypes, concept art and other production elements related to most The Real Ghostbusters. The website serves as a archive, while new information is posted on the Instagram.


website map:

  • Animation
    • DIC
    • Promotional artwork
    • Character concepts
    • Model sheets
    • Storyboards
    • Production art & cels
    • Backgrounds
  • Toys
    • Kenner
    • Concept art
    • Control drawings
    • Packaging art
    • Proof cards
    • 3d prototypes
    • Photography
    • Commericial storyboards
  • Comics
    • Lodestone
    • Marvel & Now
    • Marvel covers
    • Marvel pages
    • Now covers
    • Now pages
  • Other Art
    • Magazines
    • Novels
    • Story books
    • Food packaging
  • Interviews

External Links


  1. theartofrgb Instagram:"theartofrgb Final concept rendering of Kenner's Mail Fraud figure from the Haunted Humans series. To view many more never before seen images of concept art and prototypes from Kenner's Real Ghostbusters toy line visit" JUNE 1, 2017
  2. The Art of The Real Ghostbusters- About Me


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