The Ghost and The Darkness [1] are a combined entity formed with the two stuffed bodies of the Man-Eaters of Tsavo, a pair of man-eating lions who killed construction workers on the Kenya-Uganda Railway in 1898.


While the Chicago Ghostbusters examined the Field Museum of Natural History's World of Gozer exhibit before it was debuted to the public, Tiamat used her power to combine the Ghost and the Darkness on display into one being and animated it. The entity entered the World of Gozer area and pounced Ron Alexander. Rookie detected another reading on the P.K.E. Meter and followed it rather than help Ron. Despite the inherent danger, Ron fired his Boson Caster at short range and blew off one of the Man-Eaters' heads. However, in its place, an ethereal head manifested. Rookie and Ilyssa Selwyn found an active Gozerian artifact with the warning "Beware" emblazoned on it. Rookie destroyed the artifact and the Man-Eaters entity was reduced to a bloody fur coat. Ron passed the coat onto Ilyssa, who revealed she had a contract with the Board of Trustees that stipulated she wouldn't be held responsible for any damages caused by supernatural forces.



The Ghost and the Darkness are corporeal Class 6 entities. [2]


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