"Do you think I care? The only thing I want to hear from you is that things are being taken care of and then -- here's the key thing - I want you to take care of them! Now or you're done!"

- The Governor; Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #7

The Governor is governor of the state of New York during the Hungry Manitou and John Milton cases in the 1990s.


After the grand opening of a Fantastic Land outside Schenectady, the Hungry Manitou manifested and took several victims to feed on. The Ghostbusters were not immediately called on because Walter Peck newly implemented physical requirements sidelined the team. However, as the situation at Fantastic Land worsened, the Governor requested the Ghostbusters' involvement. [1] [2] Over a year later, in May, the Mayor called the Governor, on Peck's behalf, to have Ron Alexander's jail sentence commuted so he could serve on the New Ghostbusters team. [3]

Later in the summer, the John Milton manifested near Montauk. Peck assured the Governor the ghosts would be taken care of. The Ghostbusters didn't take care of it immediately due to their large workload. The Governor spent half an hour on the phone with the Governor of Rhode Island, whose sister gave him the idea that the ghosts were going to invade Block Island after Long Island. Now irritated, the Governor called Peck again and made sure it was clear he wanted the ghosts taken care of as soon as possible. [4]


  • The Governor's design is strikingly similar to the Mayor.


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