The Great Strazinski[2] was a famous magician that recently had a disappearing cabinet trick added as part of his act.[3]


The Great Strazinski found out that whenever he used the Magic Cabinet and the secret word "Goomba," his assistants would disappear for real! He called the Ghostbusters to find the source of the problem. It was then discovered that the cabinet was a dimensional gateway that sent assistants and doves to the realm of the netherworld demon Gorgar, who was looking for a magician to teach him magic tricks. Strazinski told the Ghostbusters about the secret word but accidentally teleported them to Gorgar's realm.


Strazinski is terrified of the supernatural.[4] This was demonstrated twice when he was scared by the presence of Slimer.


  • "The Great Strazinski" was named by this episode's writer, Larry DiTillio, in tribute to former story editor J. Michael Straczynski. Straczynski previously named the character DyTyllio after Larry DiTillio in "Ragnarok and Roll".
  • In a discarded scene, Strazinski's last appearance in the episode was meant to be after the Ghostbusters are teleported by the Magic Cabinet. Slimer makes him faint.[5]
  • On page nine of Ghostbusters Issue #8, a flier for Strazinski is posted up on a board in Delgado's Gym.


The Real Ghostbusters


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