The Jaguars[1] are a minor league baseball team from New York City.


The Jaguars suffered a long and protracted win-less record.[2]Winston Zeddemore purchased two tickets to a Jaguars baseball game and tried to find someone to go with him. Peter, Ray, and Janine turned down his offer. Winston offered Egon next but he declared couldn't go because he was in the middle of a project. Winston spotted Slimer and appealed to his insatiable love of junk food.

At Jaguars Stadium, the team was on the verge of another loss. Psychokinetic energy manifested and hurled the baseball at super speed into the ground. Winston reported the event to the other Ghostbusters but they are skeptical. He then revealed his research about an ancient Indian legend that stated, "Once every 500 years, the supernatural forces of good and evil fight a battle. That battle always takes place on the same site." Winston believed this same site was currently where the Jaguars Stadium was built upon. He was correct but ended up recruited into taking part in their battle.



The Real Ghostbusters


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