The Johansen Argument [1] is book about an unspecified topic in paranormal research.


During his recovery from the United Nations Building case, Egon Spengler began to investigate a cold case from his college days. He went to the New York City Public Library in search of a copy of "The Johansen Argument" but it was gone. He called up Ray's Occult Books and asked Kylie Griffin if the store still had one. She admitted to not seeing it in awhile and searched the discount bin. Kylie verified it got sold but Egon already hung up on her. [2] [3] A couple days after the Poveglian Artifact was destroyed in Paris, Loftur Þorsteinsson went to Egon's Apartment and presented a copy of "The Johansen Argument." He claimed to have come on behalf of Eduardo Rivera from Ray's Occult Books and Eduardo mentioned Egon would be interested in the copy. Egon took it but realized Eduardo didn't know what his address was. He blasted Loftur with the Psychokinetic Defibrillator to no effect. Loftur launched him across the room and the Johansen as well.


IDW Comics


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