The Mistress[1][2] is a demonic queen who conquers numerous worlds with the aid of her pet, Demi-Dog.


The Mistress sets out to conquer various worlds and parallel dimensions by broadcasting a controlling frequency that remotely possesses certain corporeal beings.[3] Demi-Dog then crosses over first and commands the legion of possessed corporeal beings. This is a steady signal with constantly shifting frequencies, making it nearly impossible to disrupt. In New York City, the possessed beings were thousands of dogs. Soon after the Extreme Ghostbusters trapped Demi-Dog, the Mistress caused a full inter-dimensional breach and crossed over through a portal. Enraged by the prospect that her pet was defeated, the Mistress transmogrified and attacked the Ghostbusters. She proved to be very agile and dodged the Proton Streams. Roland Jackson taunted the Mistress and trapped her. With the signal broadcast severed, all dogs returned to normal for good.


The Mistress manifested as a human woman upon entering the physical plane. Her true form is a flying, mermaid-like ugly beast with various tentacles.

Powers and Abilities

According to the P.K.E. Meter, the Mistress is off the scales.[4] She has the ability of remote possession, open portals, flight, transmogrification, to extend her tentacles long distances, and is very fast.


  • The Mistress was referred to as Theron by Tristan Jones when he posted Tobin's Spirit Guide themed artwork online.[5] For his research, Jones based her on Potnia Theron, the Mistress of Animals.[6]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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