The Nameless Book[1] is relic from a time when the Old Ones ruled Earth, a book so powerful, ancient, and full of magic that no one can say its real name or terrible things would happen.[2]


During a paranormal conference, the Nameless Book was stolen from a Soviet institute's collection by Vladimir Pavel Maximov and Dmitri Smerdyakov. In order to distract the authorities, they pinned the theft on the Ghostbusters. In the confusion, they took the book to the Old One Cult and began to cast a spell from it. The cult was taken to the Temple of the Old Ones where the book awakened Yibb-Tstll. The book was never seen again after the Ghostbusters defeated Yibb.


The Nameless Book is one of two books that has the ability to awaken the Old Ones. According to the P.K.E. Meter, the book is very powerful and puts out a lot of paranormal energy.[3] When a spell is being cast from the book, it is impervious to the Proton Streams.



The Real Ghostbusters


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