The Prosecutor is the legal representative assigned to prosecute the Ghostbusters after they were arrested on First Avenue.


Primary CanonEdit

After reviewing the list of charges, she was very confident she would win the criminal trial. During examination, she made it a point to remind the court the Ghostbusters were under a judicial restraining order that strictly forbids them from performing services as paranormal investigators or eliminators. However, as Judge Wexler read the verdict, the Psychomagnotheric Slime, among the exhibits of evidence, manifested the ghosts of the Scoleri Brothers. Nunzio Scoleri carried off the Prosecutor into the hall outside. A bit shell shocked, she was still conscious when the Ghostbusters exited the courtroom and declared they were back in business. The Prosecutor was later tended to by a paramedic.

Secondary CanonEdit

Some years later, the Prosecutor relocated to Detroit. She was present when the Mayor of Detroit hired the Ghostbusters to take care of the Fort Wayne Army ghosts.


The Prosecutor is a very sober, humorless woman in her late thirties. [1]



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Ghostbusters II

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Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

IDW Comics


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