Not to be confused with Remco's The Real Ghostbusters: Electronic Pinball Game.

The Real Ghostbusters: Pinball Game is a table-top battery powered electronic pinball game. It was produced by Mehano from Yugoslavia. It is most commonly Distributed by Jotastar for the UK. Also distributed in North America and Imported to Italy by Ideal, Inc a subsidiary of View-Master Ideal Group Inc. Some North American versions were also distributed by Sharon Industries Inc.


Note many of the features on the box are repetitive.

  • New Super Electronic Pinball With 4 Real Arcade Style Sound Effects
  • Automatic Score-O-Dial For Instant Scoring Flashing Light Ringing Bell Uses 4 'D' Cell Batteries (Not Included)
  • Approx size: 20" x 12" x 12"

Assembly InstructionsEdit

  • 1. Insert 4 "D" cell batteries (not included) into the battery compartment at back of game, in direction indicated.
  • 2. Put the backboard pins into the corresponding holes on the baseboard and lift the backboard.
  • 3. Put legs into hole on underside of board.
  • 4. Place balls (2) into hole on top of game board (pull plunger back and drop balls in).
  • 5. Before playing, carefully turn the pointer clockwise until the counter shows "0".

After long play take the balls out and clean them with a piece of cloth or paper.